A new issue of the Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies is out. Alex Prichard (LSE): Anarchy, Anarchism and International Relations. Madeline Weld (PIC): Deconstructing the Dangerous Dogma of Denial: The Feminist-environmental Justice Movement and its Flight from Overpopulation. A review of Ian Bremmer’s Every Nation for Itself: Winners and Losers in a G-Zero World. We're all poorer when we seek Kim Kardashian's take on poverty. From the Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, Alex de Waal, Jens Meierhenrich, and Bridget Conley-Zilkic on how mass atrocities end — an evidence-based counter-narrative. An interview with Jean-Francois Bayart on globalization, subjectification, and the historicity of state formation. From Policy Review, Mark Dybul Peter Piot and Julio Frenk on reshaping global health: Time for a structural and philosophical shift. Michael Ignatieff on reimaging a global ethic. Our Daily Bread: The Essential Norman Borlaug is a multivolume biography that chronicles the microbiologist and his Nobel Prize-winning work to thwart starvation. What’s the best way to foment unrest in a foreign country? A how-to guide.