From Global Brief, a debate on the proposition "Advanced countries have a duty to help feed the Horn of Africa". Jeffrey Marlow weighs up the pros and cons of plans in South Sudan to abandon the decrepit colonial city of Juba and build a new capital from scratch. A review of Dancing in the Glory of Monsters: The Collapse of the Congo and the Great War of Africa by Jason K. Stearns. Stephen Ellis on rethinking Africa: 13 ways the continent is changing. Africa's newest country? In northeastern Mali, Tuareg and Islamist rebel groups have declared a new country of Azawad (and more). Why Mali is making headlines and why we should care (and more). In Kony's shadow: A review of The Night Wanderers: Uganda's Children and the Lord's Resistance Army by Wojciech Jagielski. Africa's richest man is cementing his place in history: Aliko Dangote has risen from a small-time trader to a household name in Nigeria on the back of its construction boom. Africa takes off: Sub-Saharan Africa is starting to shed its reputation as an economic laggard — the West should pay attention. Finding the perfect wave in Liberia: Its old war scars healed, the West African coast beckons surfers of all varieties.