Neil H. Buchanan (GWU) and Michael C. Dorf (Cornell): How to Choose the Least Unconstitutional Option: Lessons for the President (and Others) from the 2011 Debt Ceiling Standoff. From First Things, how can we affirm human dignity when liberalism no longer can? Wilfred M. McClay wants to know. Hegemonic heterosexuality: Why are we told that miserable relationships are the romantic ideal? An interview with Alice Pawley, co-editor of Engineering and Social Justice: In the University and Beyond. Ralph Nader's transformation into a dogged spoiler candidate for other spoiler candidates is one of the great weird tales of fringe politics. The Green Team: Katy Steinmetz on Jill Stein’s third-party bid to shake up 2012. From India’s Tehelka, when will we change the way we talk about rape? A special report (and more). One writer says he's figured out 12 basic ingredients for a blockbusting title — can the puzzle really be that easy? A fish story: How an angler and two government bureaucrats may have saved the Atlantic Ocean. Is quiz bowl the ultimate test of smarts or an overblown game of Trivial Pursuit?