Darren Langdridge, Meg Barker, Paula Reavey and Paul Stenner (Open): Becoming a Subject: A Memory Work Study of the Experience of Romantic Jealousy. How corrupt are politicians? Less than you might think. State crime and street crime, two sides of one coin: When society is this corrupt, are the poor entitled to rise up and take what is “theirs”? One was Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard roommate, the other went to Jerry Falwell's Liberty University; together, Joe Green and Jim Gilliam want to democratize the most powerful Internet organizing tools. Lily Rothman on the controversial new “etiquette guideline” that has rocked the world of competitive cheerleading. An unquenchable gaiety of mind: On visits to Cambridge University late in life, Jorge Luis Borges offered revealing last thoughts about his reading and writing. Tyranny of the Judiciary: Under the guise of following the Constitution, our legal elites usurp it. Could the Internet save book reviews? Even as print publications are getting rid of reviewers, websites and podcasts offer new ways of approaching literature. Everything I learned about theology and economics I learned from Cracked.