Robin L. West (Georgetown): A Marriage is a Marriage is a Marriage: The Limits of Perry v. Brown. Jeffrey A. Parness and Zachary Townsend (NIU): Procreative Sex and Same Sex Parents. Vivian Eulalia Hamilton (William and Mary): The Age of Marital Capacity: Reconsidering Civil Recognition of Adolescent Marriage. George W. Dent Jr. (Case Western): To Promote Marriage and the Natural Family. Is marriage constitutional? If the Supreme Court took seriously the language, history, and structure of the First Amendment, it would declare laws authorizing same-sex marriages unconstitutional — and void every other existing marriage law too. An interview with Elizabeth Brake, author of Minimizing Marriage: Marriage, Morality, and the Law. Defenders of the status quo: Imagine there’s no marriage. Long a nation of economic extremes, the United States is also becoming a society of family haves and family have-nots, with marriage and its rewards evermore confined to the fortunate classes.