From TAC, a review of If Not Us, Who? William Rusher, National Review, and the Conservative Movement by David B. Frisk. The introduction to Mothers of Conservatism: Women and the Postwar Right by Michelle M. Nickerson. Joseph Bottum on conservatism, North Dakota style. He’s on the warpath against the right — what’s gotten into David Frum? Russell Jacoby on dreaming of a world without intellectuals: Confronted by social upheaval, conservative scholars tend to blame other scholars — that's a dangerous game. From Salon, what killed social conservatism? Technological progress has made it impossible for conservatives to obscure the truth about Americans' sex lives; and why do conservatives hate freedom? The conservative idea of “freedom” is a very peculiar one, which excludes virtually every kind of liberty that ordinary Americans take for granted. Ayn Rand and Jim Crow have driven the American right into moral bankruptcy; two conservatives argue that there's no comeback in sight until they repudiate both.