A new issue of Ethics and Global Politics is out. Steven R. Ratner (Michigan) and Robert E. Goodin (ANU): Democratizing International Law. Par Engstrom (UCL): The Future of Human Rights in a Global Order of Change and Continuity. Gianluigi Palombella (Parma): Global Legislation and Its Discontents. Armin von Bogdandy (MPIL) and Ingo Venzke (Amsterdam): In Whose Name? An Investigation of International Courts' Public Authority and Its Democratic Justification. From German Law Journal, a special issue on the ruptures in international law. The conviction of Charles Taylor is welcome news, but don’t be fooled: The international criminal justice system is in deep trouble. A review of The Dictator’s Learning Curve: Inside the Global Battle for Democracy by William Dobson (and more). Is the International Criminal Court the best way to stop war crimes? A review of The International Human Rights Movement: A History by Aryeh Neier.