Lorenz Engi (Zurich): Are Human Rights Moral or Juridical Rights? From Swans, Raju Peddada on the Great Swami Vivekananda, a man who influenced the influencers. A review of Loser Sons: Politics and Authority by Avital Ronell. “The statues walked,” Easter Islanders say; archaeologists are still trying to figure out how — and whether their story is a cautionary tale of environmental disaster or a celebration of human ingenuity. Here is a study of pocket money as a proxy for family income. While the various technology trade shows and video game expos are supposed to be about the technology and the games, considerable attention is paid to booth babes. On Art and Authenticity: Films without celebrities may seem more genuine, but in real life we’re much like movie stars. Ritchie S. King on what members of Congress do after they leave.