Matthew D. Adler (Duke): Happiness Surveys and Public Policy: What’s the Use? From Perspectives on Federalism, a special issue on Exploring Subnational Constitutionalism. We are witnessing the triumph of economic logic over the world of insight and contemplation. Here comes Mario Draghi to save Europe, right? Matthew Yglesias on the myth of "Europe" in American politics. Are you sure that’s true? Truth Goggles tackles fishy claims at the moment of consumption. Doctor’s orders: Vibrators and other sex toys are—no pun intended—big business, and nobody in the United States makes more of them than the father-son team who runs the Valley’s own Doc Johnson. Nicholas De Villiers on the amicable return of Roland Barthes. The Oldie, a magazine they said would never last, celebrates its 20th anniversary. Timothy McGettigan on Ayn Rand, the blinkered visionary.