Athena Mutua (SUNY-Buffalo): The Multidimensional Turn: Revisiting Progressive Black Masculinities in Multidimensional Masculinities and Law: Feminist Theory Meets Critical Race Theory. Peter K. Westen (Michigan): Why the Paradox of Blackmail Is So Hard to Resolve. From On the Commons, Jay Walljasper on the rise and fall and rise of great public spaces. What grounds do you possess for supposing that other humans (including even me) aren’t zombies?: Stephen Law on the strange case of the rational dentist. Terror in the Thames: As a goose-eating monster lurks in the waters of London's Olympic Park, Neil Arnold considers a long line of beasts spotted in the capital's great river and tributaries. From Dissent, Lyle Jereny Rubin on James Livingston and the New Intellectuals. What is a sexual image? Russell Blackford investigates.