Neil H. Buchanan (GWU): Why We Should Never Pay Down the National Debt. When law professor Frank Alexander wrote the book on land banking, he didn’t expect it to help solve a foreclosure crisis. Why morality is fashionable again: After decades of self-interest, ethics are suddenly a talking point again. The philosophy of tax: A review of David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King. Fussbudget: Ryan Lizza on how Paul Ryan captured the G.O.P. Let us now praise James Agee: The journalist who pioneered serious film criticism showed a cinematic touch in all of his writing. Former Citigroup derivatives banker Omer Rosen discusses his time manipulating LIBOR numbers for a client. The movers and shakers of scandal-ridden Wall Street are busy scapegoating a “few rotten apples” — and hoping the rest of us don’t notice they’re still holding billions in ill-gotten gains.