Marko Milanovic and Vidan Hadzi-Vidanovic (Nottingham): A Taxonomy of Armed Conflict. Sean Lawson (Utah): Putting the “War” in Cyberwar: Metaphor, Analogy, and Cybersecurity Discourse in the United States. Tim Stevens (King's College): A Cyberwar of Ideas? Deterrence and Norms in Cyberspace. Dorothy E. Denning (NPS): Stuxnet: What Has Changed? Is it possible to wage a just cyberwar? It's time to get serious about the moral questions resulting from our new class of weapons. How dangerous is a cyberattack? It could cause a blackout — or maybe a nuclear war. Where the drones are: Mapping the launch pads for Obama's secret wars. Drone pilots have a day job waiting for a kill shot a world away. A Game of Drones: Precision-guided mythology masks a brutal truth. Drone killings would be criminal acts if they occurred inside the US — does it make legal sense that these killings would be legal outside the US? John Kaag and Sarah Kreps on the moral hazard of drones. Obama’s decisions about Predator strikes have reportedly been influenced by Augustine and Aquinas — would the saints agree? David Luban examines U.S. drone policy in light of Christian just war theory.