A new issue of Philosophy in Review is out. Kevin Tobia, Wesley Buckwalter and Stephen Stich (Rutgers): Moral Intuitions: Are Philosophers Experts? J. David Velleman (NYU): Foundations for Moral Relativism. From NDPR, a review of The Ethical Project by Philip Kitcher; a review of The Ethics of Need: Agency, Dignity, and Obligation by Sarah Clark Miller; a review of Moralism: A Study of a Vice by Craig Taylor; and a review of Against Moral Responsibility by Bruce N. Waller. From The Utopian, an interview with T. M. Scanlon. The new leveller: An interview with Elizabeth Anderson. A review of Philosophers Past and Present: Selected Essays by Barry Stroud. Is philosophy literature? Analytic philosophy is reputed to be overly dry and technical, but a host of 20th century works are lyrical, engaging and a delight to read. Addicts, mythmakers and philosophers: Alan Brody explains Plato’s/Socrates’ understanding of habitually bad behavior. Public forums for the discussion of ideas are flourishing everywhere, from festivals to pubs, but will the popularity of philosophy groups have any lasting impact?