A new issue of Ryerson Review of Journalism is out. Jasmine E. McNealy (Syracuse): The Emerging Conflict between Newsworthiness and the Right to Be Forgotten. Chris Edelson (American): Lies, Damned Lies, and Journalism: Why Journalists are Failing to Vindicate First Amendment Values and How a New Definition of “The Press” Can Help. From Neiman Reports, a special issue on Truth in the Age of Social Media. The New York Times journalist who quit in disgust: A review of A Rough Guide to the Dark Side by Daniel Simpson. Without foreign correspondents the press is in a world of ignorance. David Simon is a talented writer and storyteller, but is he qualified to give advice to publishers about how to save their dying industry? Why porn and journalism have the same big problem — nobody wants to pay for their products. The hubris and despair of war journalism: What Martha Gellhorn teaches us about the morality of contemporary war reportage. Can The Guardian survive? Tim de Lisle wants to know. A review of After Broadcast News: Media Regimes, Democracy, and the New Information Environment by Bruce Williams and Michael Delli Carpini.