A new issue of Film-Philosophy is out. David Konig (WUSTL): John Adams, Constitution Monger. Pamela Haag on 18 ways that social media and technology might change your love life. Juan Cole on the top ten differences between white terrorists and others. From Odbor, Slavoj Zizek on signs from the future. Capitalism, just as Rand envisioned: Duncan Black on the education and jobs of Paul Ryan. Dirk Helbing on how there's a new kind of socio-inspired technology coming up, now. During the past half-century, a curious creature known as the otaku has evolved, migrating from the electric whirl of Tokyo’s akihabara district to the corners of American comic book shops. A review of Lawyers and the Public Good: Democracy in Action? by Alan Paterson. Everyone knows that lawyers are bad at math — what, if anything, should be done about it?