A new issue of the International Journal of Internet Science is out, including Linda K Kaye (Edge Hill) and Jo Bryce (Central Lancashire): Putting the "Fun Factor" Into Gaming: The Influence of Social Contexts on Experiences of Playing Videogames. Big Med: Should hospitals be more like chain restaurants? Atul Gawande investigates. Anything but human: Why I stubbornly continue to believe that I'm a human being — something more than other animals, and more than any computer. Stand-Up: Iain Ellis on America’s dissenting tradition: Trailblazers Mort Sahl and Lenny Bruce; Transformers George Carlin and Richard Pryor; and the Bills of Rights, Hicks and Maher. What is privacy and are we even able to say: An excerpt from Privacy by Garret Keizer. Guns on the Internet: Sam Biddle on the secret online weapons store that’ll sell anyone anything.