“Shift Happens”: If you've seen that bumper sticker, you've seen what our culture has made of one of the central ideas in Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (and more and more and more). Marcelo Gleiser on how science is sometimes wrong, for all the right reasons. A review of The Tyranny of Science by Paul Feyerabend. Science needs philosophy: The fad for using science to explain everything is misguided and dangerous. Science needs more Moneyball: Baseball's data-mining methods are starting a similar revolution in research. How to succeed in science (without doing any): Envy those who succeed by making up their data? Here's how you can, too! Scientific papers get hyped first, reviewed later — is that a bad idea? The downside of open access: Why information philanthropy is bad for the South. In his latest book the great iconoclast Bruno Latour turns his gaze on religious belief, and unbelief, and argues that there is less difference between science and religion than atheists like to think — does he convince? The “sciart” movement is bridging the gulf between the “two cultures” that C.P. Snow lamented more than 50 years ago.