Robert L. Oprisko (Butler): The Rebel as Sovereign: The Political Theology of Dignity. From Mobilizing Ideas, a special issue on the teaching dimension of being a social movement scholar. The insular world of economics: Has a reluctance to engage with other disciplines let us down? Adam Wheeler went to Harvard: The school of George W. Bush and Henry Kissinger (the war criminal who was feted on campus this spring as a conquering hero) took all appropriate measures to ensure that its name would never be sullied by associating with an immoral, egomaniacal charlatan, at least one who never held high office. Science writers say Jonah Lehrer’s scientific errors worse than fabricated quotes. Mark Schmitt on the end of the scam: Paul Ryan's victory — or defeat — could transform American politics. A review of Why Atheists Love Breasts by Rinth de Shadley.