Richard Rousseau (Khazar): Strategic Perspectives: Clausewitz, Sun-tzu and Thucydides. Jan-Frederik Kremer and Andrej Pustovitovskij (Bonn): Towards a New Understading of Structural Power. Dibyesh Anand (Westminster): China and India: Postcolonial Informal Empires in the Emerging Global Order. Ali Wyne on China vs. India, the “contest of the century”. Changes in the Billionaire List, and the size and source of the fortunes, can provide a quick indicator of how well positioned emerging nations are to compete in the global economy. You can download Nationalism and Democracy: Dichotomies, Complementarities, Oppositions. John Mearsheimer on power as the currency of international relations, disciplining US foreign policy, and being an independent variable. History resumes: David Rieff on sectarianism’s unlearned lessons. The rise of phantom states suggests that formal sovereignty has lost some of its cache; what will happen to the foundations of international relations if you can get by just fine by living in a country that nobody believes really exists? A report finds the world is growing more peaceful, except for the Middle East.