A new issue of Lapham’s Quarterly is out. From Dissent, David Plotke on Occupy Wall Street, flash movements, and American politics. A review of Alien Phenomenology, Or What It's Like to Be a Thing by Ian Bogost. From The Distributist Review, Thomas Storck on the chief question in economics. From New York, a special issue on sex. Here are 32 crowdsourced questions for the presidential debates. From Swans, Michael Barker on the roots of theosophy (and part 2). Paul Ryan and his fellow conservatives embrace only the economic aspects of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, forgetting the parts that don’t fit with their ideology. The first chapter from The Reputational Premium: A Theory of Party Identification and Policy Reasoning by Paul M. Sniderman and Edward H. Stiglitz. Leftist Planet: Why do so many travel guides make excuses for dictators? James Flynn, the man who charted our rising IQs, on how modern intelligence has changed — and why women and Asian Americans make better students.