From the Atlas Society, William R Thomas on why liberals should like Ayn Rand. Jonathan Chait on how the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy is on your screen. Dwight Garner reviews Paterno by Joe Posnanski (and more). Deluded individualism: Why do we continue to insist on our independence and self-determination — stubbornly, irrationally and often recklessly? From Contexts, in 2008, the media hailed the coming of an “Obama Revolution” — four years later, commentators on both the left and right are disappointed, to say the least. By the time King Mohammad Zahir Shah died this summer, at age 92, he could hardly have seemed less representative of the country he ruled from 1933 to 1973. Nikos Salingaros and James Kalb on why contemporary architecture is against God and man. How much is a body worth? Storm Theunissen investigates.