From The Symptom, Alain Badiou on Philosophy as Biography; Jacques-Alain Miller on Elements of Epistemology; Slavoj Zizek on The Lacanian Real: Television; and Richard Kostelanetz on a Theory of the Tenured Class. From Prospect, Fethullah Gulen and his beliefs represent nothing new in Islamic thought; instead Gulenism is essentially a cult. Yeah, philosophy professors Ken Taylor and John Perry will give it some thought. Creative writing is as popular today as critical theory was a decade ago; why the change and how does it fit in with the study of English literature? A review of Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism by Sheldon S. Wolin. For McCain and Obama, games of chance have been not just a hobby but also a fundamental feature in their development as people and politicians. Does human culture evolve via natural selection, as our genes do? Paul Ehrlich investigates. From Harper's, what is poetry, and does it pay? Jake Silverstein investigates. The United Nations suggests globalization requires a safety net. Is the British Museum the greatest museum on earth? Incentivized birth: How Russia's baby-boosting policies are hurting the population. Finding the answers to today’s environmental problems: Axess meets with Elinor Ostrom. From Inkling, an article on the ultimate problemsolver: Computer + Evolution = Genius.

From Slate, have corporate-sponsored Internet pranks gone too far? A review of The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power by Jeff Sharlet (and more from Bookforum). An excerpt from The Moral Force of Indigenous Politics: Critical Liberalism and the Zapatistas by Courtney Jung. An excerpt from Daring to Look: Dorothea Lange’s Photographs and Reports from the Field by Anne Whiston Spirn. A review of The Knowledge Book: Key Concepts in Philosophy by Steve Fuller. From The Philosophers' Magazine, James Garvey argues that climate change is bad — for you; and Kenan Malik on genetics and the politics of ignorance (and more). From Philosophy Now, a review of Ancient Philosophy and Everyday Life by Trevor Curnow; and Raymond Tallis asserts the truth about the truth. When Barack Obama and John McCain vow to be reformers, what do they mean? A declaration of identity was once a declaration of responsibility; what does that mean in an age of mass anonymity? Think you're not part of the military-industrial complex? Think again. The nature of design: Biophilic concepts are gradually working their way into the design mainstream, helping humans thrive by bringing the outdoors in. Universal patterns within cultural diversity: Robert Jensen on how patriarchy makes men crazy and stupid

From Cogito, an article on Coriolanus' Oedipal curse and the question of tragic redemption. From Alternet, an article on the science of happiness: Is it all bullshit? Modern angst: The new guise of a word we love to fret over. Partying with Pablo: He was a genius in painting, less so in party planning. A review of In Search of the Black Fantastic: Politics & Popular Culture in the Post-Civil Rights Era by Richard Iton. An interview with Lauri Lebo, author of The Devil in Dover: An Insider’s Story of Dogma v. Darwin in Small-town America (and a review). From Mao to Wow! Just as many of New York City’s most iconic landmarks rose in breathtakingly brief succession a century ago, Beijing has been re-inventing itself since 2001 with a rush of showstopping buildings by internationally renowned architects. A review of The Age of Oprah: Cultural Icon for the Neoliberal Era by Janice Peck. An excerpt from Red State Rebels: Tales of Grassroots Resistance in the Heartland by Jeffrey St. Clair and Joshua Frank. More and more on Richard Sennett's The Craftsman. A review of This Is Our Music: Free Jazz, the Sixties, and American Culture by Iain Anderson. Why is the flag so important? Rick Shenkman wants to know. Can TV shows tackle sex without being blandly moralizing or porno-lite? Julian Baggini on how on why the art of having a moan is essential to public life.