From Annual Review of Critical Psychology, a special issue on migration and asylum. An interview with Ambassador James P. Cain, who seems to have conquered the hearts of Danes one town at a time for the past year on a cross country bike tour. Compilations of terror groups are meant to stifle violence, but do they actually put the U.S. in danger? But my neighbor has a cell phone: Finally, a sensible way to measure poverty. An article on love letters of great men — for real. Holocaust denier David Irving hits Manhattan (and hearts Hitchens). After Russian artist Anna Alchuk was discovered drowned in the Spree her husband, the philospher Michail Ryklin looks to her diaries to help him approximate the causes of her death. Wondrousgames of logic: Mathematician Robin Wilson's enthusiasm for Lewis Carroll stems from a shared delight in the brain-teasing and magical world of numbers. Obama is Lincoln! No, He’s Carter! No, He's Reagan! On the meaninglessness of political analogies. An article on why academics are dipping their toes in the genre of self-help, despite its lack of scholarly kudos. From Comment, an article on John Lennon, Josh Hamilton, and the postmodern F word. Why play a losing game? Study uncovers why low-income people buy lottery tickets. Malcolm Kerr, the president of the American University of Beirut, was killed in 1984; his killers have never been caught.

From Reason, Ron Bailey on the end of humanity: Nukes, nanotech, or God-like artificial intelligences? An interview with futurist Vernor Vinge on techno-human superbeings. From Scientific American, a special report on confronting a world freshwater crisis; and looking for a sign?: An article on the most accurate horoscope a science magazine could ever hope to publish. From CJR, what does it mean to “tell someone’s story”? The scarcity of time and the quality of decisions: Why you shouldn’t worry about the price of gas. A review of Does Feminism Discriminate against Men? A Debate by Warren Farrell, J. Steven Svoboda and James P. Sterba. From Smart Set, rich or poor, young or old, Romans loved raising a glass to the god of wine; and plants, wind, and sunlight make good energy; oil, coal, and the atom make good exhibits. From Jewcy, an introduction to "The Protocols". Kids are coming out younger, but are schools ready to handle the complex issues of identity and sexuality? For Larry King, the question had tragic implications. Win Free Sex! An article on the never-ending charm of sexual revolution nostalgia. The infertility paradox: Why making babies is so hard. Babies for Sale: Teaching Brangelina and other celebrities how to be better economists. From IHE, a major new study of the political correctness of faculty members may challenge assumptions all around.

From ResetDOC, an interview with Seyla Benhabib on the public sphere, deliberation, journalism and dignity; and Carl Schmitt was right in saying that politics needs an enemy — must this enemy necessarily be the "other", and hence a political opponent or someone who is diverse? Exposing Bush's historic abuse of power: Salon has uncovered new evidence of post-9/11 spying on Americans; obtained documents point to a potential investigation of the White House that could rival Watergate. An interview with David Iglesias, author of In Justice: Inside the Scandal That Rocked the Bush Administration. Investigate now, pardon later: It's not quite time to let bygones be bygones. Bin Laden's soft support: How the next president can win over the world's most alienated Muslims. From Wired, can the $11,000 clover machine save Starbucks? How much does John McCain really know about foreign policy? Fred Kaplan wants to know. Defamation and the Internet: How the law effectively allows bloggers to take risks big media companies can't. From New Humanist, an interview with Lisa Jardine on doubt, precision and uncertainty; Natalie Haynes goes in search of spiritual enlightenment; Caspar Melville unravels the rise and fall of dreadlocks; from philosophy to fart jokes George Carlin always got there first; and is Woody Allen a loser, a kvetcher, a fatalist or a comic genius?