Gandhians with a gun? Arundhati Roy plunges into the sea of Gondi people to find some answers. A review of Reservations for Women, India: Issues in Contemporary Indian Feminism. Why are we uncomfortable about wearing Indian clothes to the workplace? The Web has been a liberating medium for online literary journals, freed as they are from production and distribution constraints. David Mekelburg on a river of shit and other public health concerns noticed in India. David Mekelburg on lost soul spiritualism and other thoughts in India. Anne Applebaum on the Indian way of patriotism: It's not nationalistic, not imperialist, not aggressive, but rather self-critical. India’s latest statehood movement reveals a crisis at the heart of the country’s globalising ambitions. A review of Power and Contestation: India since 1989 by Nivedita Menon and Aditya Nigam. Pankaj Mishra on Kashmir, “the world’s most dangerous place”. Sex and the Swami: Why India’s gurus can’t keep it in their loincloths (and more). A review of War and Peace in Modern India: A Strategic History of the Nehru Years by Srinath Raghavan. A review of Becoming Indian: The Unfinished Revolution of Culture and Identity by Pavan K. Varma. Nationalist, anti-nationalist or beyond nationalist?: An article on Tagore as a thinker for the world. Katherine Hill reviews Dreaming in Hindi by Katherine Russell Rich. From The Hindu, a review of books on Indian secularism. Sex, Lies & Homework: While adults turn a blind eye, urban schoolchildren are playing high-stakes games inside a super-sexualised world. A review of The Wrongs of the Religious Right: Reflections on Science, Secularism and Hindutva by Meera Nanda. Beware India: The principle cog in the food and ecological cycle, with every tiger gone, the entire country's survival is at stake.

Daria Isachenko (Humboldt): The EU Mission at Work around the Transdniestria: A Win-Win Case? Invasion of the body snatchers: The beauty industry steals women’s self-esteem and convinces us to spend unwisely in pursuit of physical perfection. The Laugh Bug: Is Volkswagen's Fun Theory campaign anything more than a turbocharged marketing stunt? An excerpt from Contemporary Political Movements and the Thought of Jacques Ranciere: Equality in Action by Todd May. Getting Their Guns Off: The books that shaped HBO’s The Pacific give the lie to the notion of generational exceptionalism. Weber: The Contemporary West, a small humanities journal, survives deep budget cuts; Scott McLemee finds out how editor Michael Wutz manages to maintain the publication — and his own optimism. Is Dr. Amy Bishop a new breed of female murderer? A look at how Wall Street's know-it-alls can't tell right from wrong. From New Scientist, maxed out: A special series on testing humans to destruction. Barack Obama v. John Roberts: The coming months will feature two intellectual gladiators in a great struggle over the role of government in American society. The Government War: The stale, old debate of big government on the left versus small government on the right is back with a vengeance. Margaret Guroff reviews In Hanuman’s Hands by Cheeni Rao. IslamOnline must not fail: The clear voice of the most successful website of its type must not be drowned out. Does love take us anywhere other than death? Does it matter? Good but oversold: A review of AP: A Critical Examination of the Advanced Placement Program. A review of A Nuclear Winter's Tale: Science and Politics in the 1980s by Lawrence Badash. More and more and more on G.A. Cohen's Rescuing Justice and Equality

The man the White House wakes up to: The daily e-mail from Mike Allen, Politico’s star reporter, has become a morning ritual for Washington’s elite. Why don't honest journalists take on Roger Ailes and Fox News? Howell Raines wants to know. Russell Baker reviews My Times in Black and White: Race and Power at the New York Times by Gerald M. Boyd. What's wrong with The Washington Post Op-Ed page? Post Apocalypse: Gabriel Sherman goes inside the messy collapse of a great newspaper (and a response). When AP decided a decade ago to sell its news content to online portals, it may have hastened the decline of the daily newspapers that own the wire service. Richard Rodriguez on the twilight of the American newspaper. Is there life after newspapers? Thousands of newspaper journalists have lost their jobs in recent years in endless rounds of layoffs and buyouts — what happens in the next act? Ron Rosenbaum on outsourcing the CIA to downsized reporters. From CJR, a special report on The Reconstruction of American Journalism by Leonard Downie, Jr., and Michael Schudson (and reactions). A review of Losing the News: The Future of the News That Feeds Democracy by Alex S. Jones. An interview with Bob McChesney and John Nichols, authors of The Death and Life of American Journalism: The Media Revolution that Will Begin the World Again (and more and more and more and more). From Daedalus, a special issue on the future of news. From Fair, a special issue on the future of journalism: "One thing to keep in mind while worrying about the future of journalism is that its past hasn’t been all that great either". If news, as a commodity purveyed by reporters, is coming to an end, when and how did it start? How news happens: Where does the news come from in today’s changing media?

Liberal secularism and high birth rates are fuelling a revival of religious fundamentalism: An interview with Eric Kaufmann, author of Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century (and more and more). A review of The Faith Instinct: How Religion Evolved and Why it Endures by Nicholas Wade (and more). A review of Conceiving God: the Cognitive Origin and Evolution of Religion by David Lewis-Williams. Why belief in God is innate: Several lines of evidence suggest that belief in religion is hard-wired into the brain. A review of God's Brain by Lionel Tiger and Michael McGuire. Brain surgery boosts spirituality: Lose a tumour, gain self-transcendence. What are God’s views on affirmative action, the death penalty and same-sex marriage? Whatever you want them to be. An interview with Lisa Miller, author of Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife (and more and more and more and more). Stanley Fish reviews An Awareness of What is Missing: Faith and Reason in a Post-secular Age by Jurgen Habermas (and more). A review of The Rage Against God: Why Faith is the Foundation of Civilisation by Peter Hitchens. Did world religions help bring about complex societies? Ian Buruma on why religion remains dangerous for democracy and whether we can ever get rid of religion all together (and more). From The Humanist, a review of Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us about Contentment by Phil Zuckerman; an excerpt from Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe by Greg Epstein; and a review of Living Without God: New Directions for Atheists, Agnostics, Secularists, and the Undecided by Ronald Aronson (and more). Linda LaScola and Daniel Dennett on preachers who are not believers (and more).