From Portal, a special issue on Health and Borders Across Time and Cultures: China, India and the Indian Ocean Region. From Outlook India, Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen on putting growth in its place: It has to be but a means to development, not an end in itself. From China Left Review, a special issue on historical legacies, global financial crisis, and China’s working class movement. "Burma Rebooted" is a three-part series that looks at the startling reversal of Burma's repression and isolation. Golden jubilee: On the 50th anniversary of India’s annexation of Goa, a few existential anxieties still preoccupy the locals. The island nation has a split personality: Iftikhar Gilani on how Sri Lanka’s refusal to address the Tamil concern is bad politics. Fugitives from honor killings: Habiba Nosheen and Hilke Schellmann go inside a Pakistani shelter that protects women who ran away from home to escape being murdered by their families. A review of The Grammar of Caste: Economic Discrimination in Contemporary India by Ashwini Deshpande. Gavin McInnes on 10 unbelievable things the Chinese believe. Tailspin: Praveen Donthi on Praful Patel and the fall of Air India. Martin W. Lewis on dams and the ignored ethnic conflict of northern Burma. Why China fails at football: The telling reasons why, at least in football, China is unlikely to rule the world in the near future. The price of oranges: Journalist Jason Burke reflects on his encounters with Benazir Bhutto, and on the interconnected nature of food and politics in Pakistan. The kiss that rocked Bhutan: Have Bhutan's royal newlyweds just started a new kissing trend? A review of The Cage: The Fight for Sri Lanka and the Last Days of the Tamil Tigers by Gordon Weiss. Was Emperor Wang Mang China’s first socialist? The grooming of Rahul Gandhi: Is the untested scion of the Gandhi dynasty ready to rule the world’s largest democracy?

A new issue of the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics is out. Huimin Yang (DAI): On the Soft Power of Sci-tech Culture and Paths to Improve It. I. Glenn Cohen (Harvard): Rethinking Sperm-Donor Anonymity: Of Changed Selves, Non-Identity, and One-Night Stands. Gerald L. Bruns on his book On Ceasing to Be Human. Laurie Fendrich on the top 10 reasons we’re angry at the poor. From Vanity Fair, joining the Winklevoss twins on an impromptu road trip to Mexico, Dana Vachon learns what is still driving their pursuit of Zuckerberg (it’s about justice — no, money — no, vindication), and discovers that some guys really, really, really don’t like to lose. A review of Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World by Michael Lewis. Adam Penenberg on 10 of the best Amazon reviews ever. In recent years British models have reappeared on the catwalk wearing real fur, though it is unlikely to ever regain the mass appeal it once had; Carol Dyhouse looks back to a time when female glamour was defined by a mink coat. A review of Is God Fair? What About Gandhi? by Michael Riley and James William. Laurie Abraham on what Sweden knows about orgasms. Do people have a moral obligation to be research subjects? Bill Gleason wonders. From Lapham's Quarterly, quack-prophet: A profile of Nostradamus. The importance of being funny: Jake Martin on why sitcoms matter. An interview with Life Inc. author and media ecologist Douglas Rushkoff on how to unincorporate, and better occupy, our lives. Gay-basher Bryan Fischer is famous for his bigotry — what’s less known is how "mainstream" Idahoans jump-started his career. After this summer’s riots in England, crowd behaviour got a kicking — Ian Leslie argues that it was undeserved. A look at the 4 kinds of people (and what you can learn from them).

Jim Twombly (Elmira): Gender and Geography: Does Proximity Play a Role in Women’s Decisions to Run for Office? The inaugural issue of Religion and Gender is out, including Margaret Kamitsuka (Oberlin): Feminist Scholarship and Its Relevance for Political Engagement: The Test Case of Abortion in the U.S.; Paul Reid-Bowen (Bath Spa): Vital New Matters: The Speculative Turn in the Study of Religion and Gender; and Claudia Schippert (Central Florida): Implications of Queer Theory for the Study of Religion and Gender: Entering the Third Decade. From The Economist, a special report on women and work: Women have made huge progress in the workplace, but still get lower pay and far fewer top jobs than men. As many pairs of shoes as she likes: Jenny Turner on feminism. Forty years ago, Ms. — a magazine for women, published by women — launched as an insert in New York; Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, Cathie Black, Nora Ephron, and many others tell the story of a magazine and a moment (and more). Diana Hsieh and Ari Armstrong on how the assault on abortion rights undermines all our liberties. Technical aptitude: Do women score lower because they just aren't interested? A review of The Managed Hand: Race, Gender, and the Body in Beauty Service Work by Miliann Kang. From Lula to Rookie to the definitive Girl Crush Zine, the opposite of "girl hate" is more celebrated than ever, and still needed. The feminist case against single-sex schools: No, the studies don’t show that girls’ schools are better for girls — but they’re sure great at perpetuating sexist attitudes. Strange correlation: Women driving leads to pre-marital sex.