From the Village Voice's Education Supplement, a special issue on bursting the tuition bubble. The Occupy movement took hold at some campuses, and students are still holding their ground— but how strong is their will? A look at what the Top 1% of earners majored in. Every year, JSTOR turns away 150 million attempts to read journal articles (and more). Rather than restricting access to publicly funded scientific research, the rule should be — if taxpayers paid for it, they own it. Clever people have figured out that there is a growing demand for outlets for scholarly work; as a result, there has been a proliferation of new publishers offering new journals in every imaginable field. Kill peer review or reform it: It's only a matter of time before people rise up against the conventions of traditional journal publishing. Richard Price, founder of, on the future of peer review. Felix Salmon on Udacity and the future of online universities (and part 2). What you (really) need to know: The digital age has changed more than how we learn — it’s changed what we need to learn. Blogs vs. Term Papers: To raves and rants, blogging has become a requirement in everything from MBA to literature courses.

Megan A. Dean (Alberta): Visualizing Resistance: Foucauldian Ethics and the Female Body Builder. Bent Sorensen (Aalborg): The Concept of Metaphor According to the Philosophers C. S. Peirce and U. Eco: A Tentative Comparison. From The Threepenny Review, a review of books by Wendell Berry; and Alberto Manguel on the advantages and disadvantages of bathing in the Fountain of Youth. Smart ass cripple's Little Red Book: Mike Ervin is out to topple all your pre-conceptions about the world of the disabled. Was Jesus a Communist? Communist politicians spanked by Catholics for claiming Christ as world's first revolutionary. Ruth Franklin on the thrill of applying literary theory to everyday texts. From The Washington Diplomat, embassies make their case to Congress via lobby shops; and in an era when most Beltway political pundits are prone to predictable and fiercely partisan posturing, Steve Clemons is an informed rarity. Is it time to overhaul the calendar? A reformed calendar, with a pattern of two 30-day months followed by one 31-day month, would be more business friendly.

From Music and Politics, Robert Neustadt (NAU): Reading Spanish American National Anthems: “Sonograms” of National Identity. From JWSR, a review essay on understanding Latin America in the era of globalization. The cult of Maria Lionza: Venezuelan religion draws thousands to mountainside rituals for purification and guidance. Sao Paulo is a happy, flourishing city with no advertising. A review of Redeemers: Ideas and Power in Latin America by Enrique Krauze. Colombia's Alvaro Uribe triumphed over a fierce narco-insurgency; then the U.S. helped to export his strategy to Mexico and throughout Latin America — here’s why it’s not working. John Beverley on Latin America’s pink tide. Steve Ellner on the distinguishing features of Latin America’s New Left in power. Breaking the cycle: How Latin America can overcome its intergenerational inequality. The working class rises up across Latin America: Maids, parking valets, and other domestic workers push back against ill treatment in "the world's most unequal region". An interview of with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. about his PBS series Black in Latin America. Could Ecuador be the most radical and exciting place on Earth?