From World History Connected, a special issue on re-conceptualizing Asia in world history. From Culture Unbound, a special issue on Shanghai Modern: The Future in Microcosm? A review of Looking for Balance: China, the United States, and Power Balancing in East Asia by Steve Chan. The Vietnam Solution: How a former enemy became a crucial U.S. ally in balancing China’s rise. Spengler on Japan's lost libido and America's asexual future. Anna Brix Thomsen on how the secret of North Korea is within you. China’s Crisis: A family scandal exposes the Communist system. A review of The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers by Richard McGregor. Mongolia is not yet the new Qatar: A country with fragile institutions and a GDP per capita of $3,000 is about to be hosed with billions of dollars. The end of the Asian miracle: The investment guru who coined the term "emerging markets" returns from Asia, finds that the slowdown is real. Jeremy Fernando on how Kim Jong Il’s death did not take place. The first chapter from The Everlasting Empire: The Political Culture of Ancient China and Its Imperial Legacy by Yuri Pines.

A new issue of Poroi is out. From n+1, Twitter’s formal properties bend, simultaneously, in opposite directions: toward the essential but also the superfluous, the concise but also the verbose. Tsunami mystery: Who is Meri Yulanda? The girl who came home hardly resembled the girl who washed away. E.O. Wilson on evolution and our inner conflict: The human species' vexing combination of "sin" and "virtue" may be better explained by the two extreme evolutionary forces that created us. Paul Krugman and Robin Wells review The Escape Artists by Noam Scheiber, Pity the Billionaire by Thomas Frank and The Age of Austerity by Thomas Byrne Edsall. William Grassie on energy solutions from the perspective of Big History. “I'm not your wife!”: A new study points to a hidden form of sexism. From Human Events, Jason Mattera on the top 10 Hollywood hypocrites. Diplomacy on ice: Mika Mered on the fragile geopolitics of Antarctica. Saga of the Northwest Passage: Allan Woods on discovering evidence of an ill-fated mission in the frigid waters of the Arctic. Aging U.S. flags given a dignified goodbye.

From the Graduate Journal of Social Science, a special issue on critical whiteness studies methodologies. From Critical Race and Whiteness Studies, Kevin J. Burke (Notre Dame): The Village in the City: Critical Race Theory, Schooling, and a Life. From Big Think, why were the Melungeons surprised by their African roots? “Lowest difficulty setting”: John Scalzi on straight white males. What’s the matter with white people? As the GOP loses its grip, it's got one loyal constituency — will white America go down with the ship? The silly panic over a minority white nation: Claims that whites will be a minority by 2050 are historically outworn. Matthew Yglesias on the myth of majority-minority America: Will more Hispanics and Asians become “White”? “White America Has Lost Its Mind” Revisted: Where are those crazy white folks now? Razib Khan on white supremacy and white privilege, same coin. From, what judge will rule that today’s complex diverse world economy requires students to learn how to interact with white males? Menachem Rosensaft on white nationalism, a scourge that won't go away.