A new issue of OnEarth is out. Jonathan Pickering (ANU): On the Concept of Climate Debt: Its Moral and Political Value. Keystone: It's become central to the debate over the future habitability of planet earth — a special report. Weather gone wild: Rains that are almost biblical, heat waves that don’t end, tornadoes that strike in savage swarms — there’s been a change in the weather lately; what’s going on? Global warm up: Climate change pressure group Operation Noah recently persuaded Paul Kerensa to become its comedian in residence. Daniel Rirdan, author of The Blueprint: Averting Global Collapse, on understanding climate change. From Policy Innovations, can bioregionalism go global before collapse? An interview with Richard Evanoff, author of Bioregionalism and Global Ethics: A Transactional Approach to Achieving Ecological Sustainability, Social Justice, and Human Well-being. Is the global ocean healthy? We can answer that now. Climate science as culture war: The public debate around climate change is no longer about science — it’s about values, culture, and ideology. Has the time come to try geoengineering? David Biello wonders.

From the Bulletin of the History of Archaeology, Karin Westin Tikkanen (Gothenburg): The Consequences of Truth. Arrested development: America and Europe are relying on private firms in the global R&D race. How Ryan resurrected Ayn: How everyone’s favorite spouse-swapping, godless pulp novelist and dorm-room doyenne became the Tea Party’s new mascot. Tom Shoop remembers Neil Armstrong, civilian federal employee. From The Saturday Evening Post, why your great grandparents were a bunch of spoiled kids. The Long, Lawless Ride of Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Locking up the innocent, arresting his critics, racial profiling — meet America's meanest and most corrupt politician. As Washington’s intern hordes depart, they take with them the spoils of new experiences. This election season ProPublica has been collecting campaign emails for their Message Machine project.

A new issue of the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence is out. After a year spent looking at the dark underside of the Internet — including bestiality, necrophilia and child pornography — this Google contractor wasn't even hired full-time. YouTube is becoming a backdoor to let Google into your living room, no matter whose set-top box sits on your Ikea MAVA. A passion for search: Search Engine Land’s editor-in-chief Danny Sullivan is considered by many to be the world’s leading authority on search. Measuring the Internet: Digital media users may be easy to track but they can be very hard to follow, writes Jock Given. What was the first website ever? The United Nations and the Internet — it's Complicated: A battle is brewing, but the black helicopters are not about to invade. Is the Internet a new religion? Farhad Manjoo on the uncanny valley of Internet advertising: Targeted Web ads are too dumb to be useful and just smart enough to make you queasy. Internet addiction fueled by gene mutation, scientists say.

Ercan Gundogan (GAU): Space: Social, Cultural or Natural? From e-flux, a special issue on animism. From Vice, Harry Cheadle on the wacky world of the Republican Party Platform (and more). Walter Isaacson on how Steve Jobs' love of simplicity fueled a design revolution. A review of Odd Couples: Friendships at the Intersection of Gender and Sexual Orientation by Anna Muraco. The GOP finds its demon: The urban vs. rural divide remains America’s biggest cultural schism — bigger than religion, race, or who built what with whose help. Lydia DePillis on Europe on 5 GB a Day: What does it mean when smartphones replace travel guides? Ron Fournier on why (and how) Romney is playing the race card. Pussy Riot writes to Slavoj Zizek. The attraction of solitude: Living alone is on the rise all over the world — is this bad news? Gadi Ben-Yehuda on how 20 is the new 30 in today's workforce.

Jennifer Y. Chudy, Joshua Shipper, and Spencer Piston (Michigan): The Power and Limits of White Compassion for Blacks in U.S. Politics. Reginald Leamon Robinson (Howard): Dark Secrets: Obedience Training, Rigid Physical Violence, Black Parenting, and Reassessing the Origins of Instability in the Black Family Through a Re-Reading of Fox Butterfield's All God's Children. Allen Rostron (Missouri): Affirmative Action, Justice Kennedy, and the Virtues of the Middle Ground. Telling stories about Rosa Parks: Michael Schudson on what we know about the civil rights pioneer — and why we’re often wrong about her. Meet the people who gave birth to hipsterism — hint: They aren't white kids from Williamsburg. Black Jews gain wider acceptance: Gaps between African-American and mainstream groups narrow. Fear of a Black President: For the past four years, Barack Obama has avoided nearly all mention of race — revealing the false promise and double standard of integration. The racial divide on sneakers: What the history of footwear reveals about a cultural divide — and the way shoe companies market to young black men. Who's afraid of being post-black in black America? Some black public figures are promoting a conflicted agenda.