From The Social Contract, a special issue on Canada. From C2C Journal, a special issue on sex, gender and politics. Kirsty Gover (Melbourne): When Tribalism Meets Liberalism: Human Rights and Indigenous Boundary Problems in Canada. The great Quebecois language balance: Ludovic Langlois-Therien reviews L’Interculturalisme: Un Point du Vue Quebecois by Gerard Bouchard. Glen Coulthard on indigenous peoples and the "politics of recognition". Linda Besner on discovering Montreal’s vibrant Deaf culture. What's happened to CanLit? In classrooms today, cultural nationalism seems to be a non-starter. You can download The Undiscovered Country: Essays in Canadian Intellectual Culture by Ian Angus (2013). Andrew Potter on why Rob Ford is the Amy Winehouse of Canadian politics. Why can’t Canada win the Stanley Cup? Nate Silver investigates. Frank magazine to live again as a political satire website in October. Arika Okrent on 24 Canadianisms way more interesting than "Eh?"

Melanie Rudd and Jennifer Aaker (Stanford) and Michael I. Norton (Harvard): Getting the Most Out of Giving: Pursuing Concretely-Framed Prosocial Goals Maximizes Happiness. Molly Knight on the Hollywood fast life of Stalker Sarah: The 17-year-old celebrity chaser is easily the most famous fan in the world. Why is there a skeptical movement? Daniel Loxton investigates. John Breuilly on a history of nationalism. Lydia DePillis on just how guilty you should feel when your new shirt says “made in X”. Can we eliminate inequality arising from corruption, sweetheart deals, and information asymmetry? Emmanuel Saez and David Grusky on the case for making tax policy our anti-inequality weapon. Alex Pareene on College Republicans’ plan for GOP rebranding: Seem tolerant. Inside tracks: James Surowiecki on the ongoing scourge of insider trading.

From APSR, a forum on the debate over genopolitics, including James H. Fowler (UCSD) and Christopher T. Dawes (NYU): In Defense of Genopolitics; Kristen Diane Deppe, Scott F. Stoltenberg, Kevin B. Smith, and John R. Hibbing (Nebraska): Candidate Genes and Voter Turnout: Further Evidence on the Role of 5-HTTLPR; and Evan Charney (Duke) and William English (Harvard): Genopolitics and the Science of Genetics. “In vitro eugenics” is coming, predicts bioethicist Robert Sparrow — it will be possible to use stem cell technology to breed better humans in a Petri dish. Razib Khan on the inevitability of eugenics — as preventative health. Who's your daddy? Daniel Engber on the perils of personal genomics. Is human enhancement cheating? The answer will affect sports, schools, and the battlefield of the future.

Jordan J. Paust (Houston): Use of Military Force in Syria by Turkey, NATO, and the United States. Santo Milasi (Rome II): Top Marginal Taxation and Economic Growth. Theodore Dalrymple on the discriminating philistine: Banksy’s wit and talent don’t excuse his vandalism and juvenility. From TNR, Tim Wu on the right to evade regulation: How big business hijacked the First Amendment; and Peter jukes on how the British hacking scandal crosses the Atlantic: Why wouldn't Fox's parent company tell the network that the Justice Department had searched the communications of one of a Fox reporter? David Cay Johnston on how inequality is rising, all thanks to government policies. From Swans, Michael Barker on the mystical genius of Ervin Laszlo (and part 2). Dylan Matthews on everything you need to know about the nominations showdown, in one FAQ.

A new issue of Air and Space Power Journal is out. From FDL, a book salon on National Insecurity: The Cost of American Militarism by Melvin A. Goodman. The Enemy-Industrial Complex: Tom Engelhardt on how to turn a world lacking in enemies into the most threatening place in the universe (and part 2). James Holmes reviews Mayday: The Twilight of American Naval Superiority by Seth Cropsey. Mackubin Thomas Owens reviews Underdogs: The Making of the Modern Marine Corps by Aaron B. O'Connell. Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Faggot: Hamilton Nolan goes inside Marine Corps Boot Camp. Growing up military: Children living overseas learn cultural skills and face unique challenges. Anu Bhagwati on why the military needs to recruit and promote more women. In the crosshairs: Chris Kyle, a decorated sniper, tried to help a troubled veteran — the result was tragic.