From the latest issue of the Journal of Politics is Latin America, Taeko Hiroi (UTEP) and Pedro Neiva (Pernambuco): Malapportionment and Geographical Bases of Electoral Support in the Brazilian Senate. The US views Latin America as its backyard — Brazil is beginning to feel the same way about South America, where it is the biggest and richest country. Putting Brazil on the map: Patrick Wilcken reviews The Scramble for the Amazon and the Lost Paradise of Euclides da Cunha by Susanna B Hecht. Special Miracle: Why aren’t Brazilians more willing to promote the secrets of their success? Rio, the Olympic City, is a hub for progress in Brazil (and more). The giant has awoken: Matthew Richmond writes on Brazil's growing mass movement (and more). Tim Padgett on what Brazil’s protests say about Latin America’s fumbling elites.

Alexander Jackson (Boise State): How You Know You Are not a Brain in a Vat. From Re-public, a special issue on the politics of pornography. Appealing for a new citizen activism in the free world, President Barack Obama renewed his call Wednesday to reduce U.S. and Russian nuclear stockpiles and to confront climate change, a danger he called "the global threat of our time". Brian Beutler on why congressional oversight of the intelligence community doesn’t work very well and maybe isn’t supposed to. Meet your new physician, Dr. Walgreens: Welcome to the new world of medicine, for better or worse. Existentialist philosophy isn't about bringing despair and angst into our lives, it’s about discovering our inner freedom, explains Sarah Bakewell, author of How to Live: A Life of Montaigne. Baylen Linnekin on the case against government bans on feeding the homeless.

Welcome to life in the Anthropocene, a new epoch in the history of life where the impact of humanity on the Earth system is so great, we need a new term for it. Plato’s Revenge: Philip Kitcher on an undemocratic report from an overheated planet. Is Australia the face of climate change to come? Marc Tracy on why Bloomberg should give up on guns for a deadlier target: Global warming. Explaining the global warming hiatus: As global warming has plateaued, scientists are more certain than ever about the long term trend — but where did the heat go? Against environmental panic: Conservationist rhetoric has come to assume a self-flagellating, apocalyptic fervor. Brooke Jarvis on the 10 dumbest things ever said about global warming. China, U.S. make climate deal — which means that saving the planet remains a very live option. David Roberts on the Obama climate move that nobody noticed. Is Obama finally getting serious about climate change? Top aide to Obama outlines coming climate strategy.

A new issue of the International Journal of Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace is out. Christoph Engel and Marco Kleine (Max Planck): Who is Afraid of Pirates? An Experiment on the Deterrence of Innovation by Imitation. From New Politics, are conservative evangelicals hampering anti-trafficking efforts? Sean McElwee investigates. A newly discovered crack in the Earth's crust could pull North America and Europe together and cause the Atlantic Ocean to vanish in about 220 million years. The journalist diplomat: The sad fact for Samantha Power is that you can be a media intellectual or a government official, not both. The introduction to No Joke: Making Jewish Humor by Ruth R. Wisse. Did hipster tech really save the Obama campaign? An inside look at In-Q-Tel: Debra Werner on how the CIA grows tech. Do presidents become more interventionist once they take office? Tyler Cowen investigates.

A new issue of Scottish Left Review is out. From Ameriquests, Julius Grey on the ideology of capitalism. How the state makes global capitalism, and how global capitalism makes the state? Leading political economists debate the arguments in Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin’s The Making of Global Capitalism. Mark Trekson reviews Arts of the Political: New Openings for the Left by Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift. Lenin led a successful workers’ revolution, but are his ideas about organization still relevant today? Sheldon Richmond reviews Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will: The Political Philosophy of Kai Nielsen. What is to be done? Bhaskar Sunkara, James Turley, and Ben Blumberg on conversations on the Left. Putting the sect into sectarian: Louis Proyect goes inside the International Socialist Organization. To celebrate its 15th anniversary, the World Socialist Web Site has a section called “Why I read the WSWS: Letters from Readers”.