Someone tell the Vatican monarchy and banks don’t mix: Why Europe’s last kinglike ruler has a serious problem on his hands (and more). Sahil Kapur on how the new Pope’s passion for social justice and lifting up the poor has already earned him the adoration of American liberals just weeks into the Argentinian’s papacy. Evangelium Vitae and the rationality of Catholic thought: An interview with philosopher and Christian apologist Francis Beckwith, author of Return to Rome: Confessions of an Evangelical Catholic. Bradley J. Birzer on the Catholic intellectual life: Although largely ignored in its day, Christopher Dawson's Christendom trilogy is the masterwork of one of the 20th century’s greatest thinkers. R.J. Snell on how Catholics can still achieve great things. Paul Kengor on why we need a Humanae Vitae for marriage. A well-funded network of conservative Roman Catholics and evangelicals is using a “religious liberty” framework to attack same-sex marriage, antidiscrimination laws, access to contraception, and abortion rights — not on moral grounds, but because they supposedly violate the religious liberty of others. Obama wants to eliminate Catholic education? Benjamin Wiker investigates. How Jesuitical is Pope Francis? Why do Catholics worship Mary? What does the Church teach about tattoos? A gay Catholic priest hookup site is revealed.

From The Baffler, Chris Bray on the Passions of the Meritocracy: General David Petraeus and his wandering PhD; Anne Elizabeth Moore on Marketpiece Theater: Nicholas Kristof and Milton Friedman rescue the world; and Christian Lorentzen on Predator Drone: Jimmy Savile will see you now. Ruins of hidden Maya city, Chactun, discovered in Mexico. The Other Mexicans: Indigenous people come from a world apart from Spanish-speaking Mexicans. Eli Dourado on why America needs an immigrant underclass. Compare and contrast: Kevin Drum on laws that protect white voting vs. laws that protect black voting (and more). Party like it’s 1877: Republicans across the Old Confederacy prep voter ID bills and other voting restrictions in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling (and more). Social media’s wildest 24 hours: From the Supreme Court to Austin and back again — the arc of online sound and fury bends toward justice. The poetry of politics: Carole Joffe interviews Katha Pollitt. Can philanthropists be ruthless? Felix Salmon investigates. Maria Bustillos interviews Ken Hoinsky on seduction, women and mistakes. Anne Kingston on the female libido and “the two-year itch”. From Standpoint, Michael Coren on why Dan Brown is overrated and Daniel Johnson on why Dante Alighieri is underrated. Up to 100 far-right activists disrupt a public lecture at Wroclaw University by the renowned sociologist Zygmunt Bauman.

From UCLA Magazine, Robin Keats on how the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Policy is generating much of the research on sexual orientation and gender identity. What if homosexuality were a choice? Nick Clairmont wonders. Stop saying “sexual preference”: You may mean well, but it makes you sound ignorant. Stop calling it “gay marriage”: As we celebrate marriage equality, it's time to change how we talk about it. Don't celebrate the gay marriage victory with a wedding of your own. Reid Wilson on Will, Grace, and a decade of change on gay rights. Hayes Brown on how the military will recruit at this year’s San Francisco gay pride celebration. The gay marriage rulings are about amazing — and utterly rational — historical change. The gay-marriage victory is bigger than you think: Linda Hirshman on how the DOMA ruling creates a path for nationwide equality. Molly Ball on why this is the best year ever for gay rights in America. Rep. Tim Huelskamp and other members of Congress say they will attempt to introduce in the coming days a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Put bluntly, the gay-rights cause has succeeded precisely because the Christian cosmology has dissipated in the mind of the West. Nancy Pelosi's response to Michele Bachmann's anti-gay marriage statement is the best ever. Man returns book because Oscar Wilde was gay. What’s next for the gay rights movement?