A new issue of Scottish Left Review is out. Geoffrey Pleyers on a brief history of the alter-globalization movement. Back to No Future: What use is playing the long game when the arc of the universe feels so frighteningly short? Alyssa Battistoni wonders. Fred Inglis reviews Arts of the Political: New Openings for the Left by Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift. From the Gonzo Times, Jehu Eaves on a brief sketch of the political economy of barbarism. Dan Poulton reviews The Revenge of History: The Battle for the Twenty-First Century by Seumas Milne. David Sessions on good American liberals vs. violent European radicals. Do we need a Facebook of the Left? From Platypus Review, a symposium on program and utopia with Roger Rashi, Sam Gindin, Stephen Eric Bronner, Aaron Benanav, and Richard Rubin. The institutionalist left: Kiel Brennan-Marquez on how the left should respond to injustice. The liberal lies we live by: Robert Henderson finds that a wise and salutary debunking of liberal myths is itself partly infected. From Not Bored!, Bill Brown on "communisation" theory: A response to Sic No. 1. Two issues of the print journal, Communalism, were published in Norway in 2009-2010 by the collective that now produces the New Compass webzine: #1 and #2.

A new issue of Resurgence is out. Jessica Fink (California Western): In Defense of Snooping Employers. Richard W. Murphy (Texas Tech) and Afsheen John Radsan (William Mitchell): Notice and an Opportunity to Be Heard Before the President Kills You. From Lapham’s Quarterly, a special issue on The Sea. Norm Ornstein on the unprecedented — and contemptible — attempts to sabotage Obamacare. Could Americans kick our addiction to cool? Leon Neyfakh on how to live without air conditioning. Vincze Miklos on the coolest flags in human history. At great risk, they helped The Washington Post cover Iraq — now, they’re remaking their lives in America. Garry Davis, man of no nation who saw one world of no war, dies at 91. A wasted crisis? Paul Starr on why the Democrats did so little to change Wall Street. Coral Davenport on the coal lobby's fight for survival: Once a Washington powerhouse, it now lies in disarray at the mercy of forces beyond its control — can a group built for war sue the Obama administration for peace? Aaron Parrett explores how Lucian used a lunar vantage point to take a satirical look back at the philosophers of Earth and their ideas of “truth”. The latest figures tell us that American executives make more than foreigners, media titans make more than oilmen, and none of it makes much sense. Could killer robots bring world peace? We're breaking Isaac Asimov's First Law — and it could be good for humanity.

From IEET, John Danaher on moral enhancement and superficiality: Compassion-pills (and part 2 and part 3). Prometheus unbound: Researchers have yet to realise the old dream of regenerating organs — but they are getting closer. Superhumans: Some people have neurological quirks that give them extraordinary perceptual powers — what can we learn from them? Jose Cordeiro on the principles of extropy, a quarter century later. Clyde DeSouza on 4 ways Google Glass makes us transhuman (and more). Reeve Armstrong on why utilitarianism is immoral and inconsistent with transhumanism. Is human super-intelligence a bad idea? George Dvorsky on 7 totally unexpected outcomes that could follow the Singularity. Justifying human enhancement: Andy Miah on the case for posthumanity. Luke Muehlhauser interviews Nick Beckstead on the importance of the far future. Does enhanced human equal transhuman? Armand Vespertine wonders. Are cyborgs the future of humanity? Khannea Suntzu on the final disillusion. Franco Cortese on transhumanism, technology, and science: To say it’s impossible is to mock history itself; and on the hubris of neo-Luddism. Will our next evolutionary hat trick be to leave all biological baggage behind? Harry Bentham on why transhumanism should be the norm. Extropia Da Silva on why it is (not) great to be a digital person. Death is nothing but misplaced waste, and it’s time to take out the trash, with haste.