Sara Gebh (New School): Democratic Disobedience: A Different Justification for Civil Disobedience and the Case of Anti-Abortion Activism in the U.S. Let's say we got rid of every tax advantage churches currently enjoy — the revenue implications would be pretty huge. From The Root, Jenee Desmond-Harris on how Martin Luther King’s “Dream” speech became popular; and whether or not we want to admit it, Americans are finally engaging in a national conversation about race and democracy. How American immigrants change the rest of the world: Leon Neyfakh on what we’re ignoring in the great debate over our borders. Should the U.S. make English the official language? Nic Subtirelu on how it isn't the no-brainer policy decision you might think it is. While the National Rifle Association publicly fights against a national gun registry, the organization has gone to incredible lengths to compile information on “tens of millions” of gun owners without their consent. A number of counties in northeastern Colorado are talking about creating a new state and it's more than just talk, as ballot measures and votes are happening in several counties — does this movement have any hope? (and more) A poll asked America which states were the drunkest, the hottest and which had the silliest accents. University rejects pioneer “Denver Boone” mascot as too offensive. Everything I know about America I learned from Stephen King.

Andrea M. Davis (South Carolina): (Un)Stable Space(s): An Ethnography of a (Sometimes) Gay Bar. Dennis F. Thompson (Harvard): Two Concepts of Corruption. From TNR, Russell Jacoby on how Stanley Fish turned careerism into a philosophy; and John Judis on the three most important thinkers about innovation you need to know. From Slate, Saul Of-Hearts on a hippie’s defense of GMOs: I’m a vegetarian yoga instructor, and even I can tell the case against genetically modified food is overblown; and don't believe the hype: The Chamber of Commerce is thrilled with the GOP. Police the police: Dear NSA and NYPD — if you watch us, we’re going to watch you. Why Stephen Hawking has a lot to teach us about celebrity culture: When one of the world's greatest intellects happily admits to being seduced by fame, perhaps the rest of us should stop being so sniffy about it. Calvin Woodward on how to lay the groundwork for a presidential bid, and who's making what moves. Mark Bittman on how not all industrial food is evil. Jack Shafer on journalism’s new Marquee Brothers. Andrea Peterson on how privacy advocates shined light on the NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance: The Electronic Frontier Foundation forced the Obama administration to reveal a 2011 opinion from the secretive FISA court. FBI suspected William T. Vollmann was the Unabomber (and from the latest issue of Bookforum, Vollmann attempts to go off the grid).

Patrick R. Ireland (IIT): European Welfare States and Immigrant Incorporation Strategies. Pablo Cristobal Jimenez Lobeira (CAPPE): European Identity and Other Mysteries: Seeking Out the Hidden Source of Unity for a Troubled Polity. Viktoria Kaina (Jena) and Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski (Wroclaw): EU Governance and European Identity. At long last: Are we finally witnessing politicization of the debate over the future of the EU? Bernardo Gutierrez on Spain’s micro-utopias: The 15M Movement and its prototypes (and part 2). Vamos a la playa: A look at the politics of Europe’s summer holidays. We cherish the southern European lifestyle, yet scorn southern Europeans: Northern Europeans love experiencing the lifestyle of Greece and Italy, even as their hard-headed leaders try to ruin it. He needs your help against the fascists: Bertell Ollman, a professor of politics at New York University, appeals for solidarity on behalf of a Greek scholar facing legal threats from the fascist Golden Dawn party. Cas Mudde on the myth of Weimar Europe: Since the start of the Great Recession, it has become received wisdom that the far right is on the rise across Europe — but not often is the “economic-crisis-breeds-extremism” thesis confronted with actual facts. You can download Right-Wing Extremism in Europe: Country Analyses, Counter-Strategies and Labor-Market Oriented Exit Strategies, ed. Ralf Melzer and Sebastian Serafi.