Aaron M. Hoffman, Chris Kowal, and Jose Kaire de Francisco (Purdue): Terrorism Coverage and the Fear of Terrorism. Eric Min (Stanford): Taking Responsibility: When and Why Terrorists Claim Attacks. Ekrem Ersen Emeksiz (CUNY): The Media of Terrorism. Nick J. Sciullo (Georgia State): Unexpected Insights into Terrorism and National Security Law Through Children's Literature: Reading the Butter Battle Book as Monstrosity. From The Atlantic Monthly, Mark Bowden on the killing machines: How to think about drones; and did an 8-year-old spy for America? When U.S. allies in Yemen needed help targeting an alleged al-Qaeda operative for an American drone strike, evidence suggests they turned to one of the people closest to him. Terrorism as performance art: Brecht Savelkoul on why Karlheinz Stockhausen was right about 9/11. The first chapter from The Terrorist's Dilemma: Managing Violent Covert Organizations by Jacob N. Shapiro. How Silicon Valley powers terrorism: After a month-long investigation into extremism, Jeremy Wilson and James Cook name and shame three well-known technology firms empowering radical Islamist terrorists. Yochi Dreazen on the new terrorist training ground: While America focuses on threats from the Middle East and South Asia, Mali has become a jihadist haven. Rachel Newcomb reviews Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here: Untold Stories from the Fight Against Muslim Fundamentalism by Karima Bennoune. Dane Egli and Jared McKinney on handling the unstoppable terror threat. Twelve years after 9/11, we still have no idea how to fight terrorism.

Lucas Puente (Stanford): Unlocking the Secrets of the Temple: An Analysis of the Politics of the FOMC. From Vice, a special issue on Bob Guccione. In the modern redux, penis is patriarchy, and patriarchy is violence — but must showing one's penis be to endorse power and privilege? Michael Thomsen on an intimate reconsideration of male nudity. Robert Zaretsky on Syria and the Peace of Westphalia. Where are the leaders who can break us out of this historical void? Lilia Shevtsova on the end of the titans' era. Nicky Smith on why “hipster” is a meaningless slur: It’s not so different than “faggot”. The introduction to Our Bodies, Whose Property? by Anne Phillips. Is gratification better delayed? “Anticipation is also a pleasure in itself, some would say greater than that of indulgence”. From Tradition, Family and Property, Jeremiah Wells on the clash between two cities. Nader Hashemi on Syria, savagery, and self-determination: What those against military intervention are missing (from The Syria Dilemma, ed. Nader Hashemi and Danny Postel). Nonfiction narratives in under 750 words: Robin Kalinich interviews Dinty Moore, editor of Brevity. Who really said that? Corey Robin on how all that is necessary for misquotes to triumph is for good scholars to do nothing. PopFront is about debate, discussion and dialogue, and hoping for a soft launch in Winter 2013 and a hard launch in January — right now, they’re looking for collaborators.

Antoine Duval (EUI): Lex Sportiva: A Playground for Transnational Law. Marcel Van den Berg (Utrecht) and Michiel De Nooij (HVA): The Bidding Paradox: Why Rational Politicians Still Want to Bid for Mega Sports Events; and The Bidding Paradox: Why Economists, Consultants and Politicians Disagree on the Economic Effects of Mega Sports Events But Might Agree on Their Attractiveness. Matthew Poorman (Regent): Get with the “Times”: Why Defamation Law Must Be Reformed to Protect Athletes and Celebrities from Media Attacks. Rupert Macey-Dare (Oxford): Optimal Penalty Shootouts. Man and Superman: Malcolm Gladwell on doping, genetics, and sports. Soccer isn't for girly-girls? Hilary Levey Friedman on how parents pick the sports their daughters play. Peter Wood reviews The Good Son: The Life of Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini by Mark Kriegel. Bill Moyers interviews Dave Zirin on the collision of sports and politics. Jennifer Guiliano on the fascination and frustration with Native American mascots. An interview with Benjamin C. Alamar, author of Sports Analytics: A Guide for Coaches, Managers, and Other Decision Makers. Daniel Baker on Moneyball, Big Data, and overvalued defensive players: Baseball analytics miss externalities. Why it’s never been more fun to watch sports: Alexis C. Madrigal interviews Hank Adams, the CEO of Sportvision, the company that created the glowing hockey puck and football's yellow line.