From Scholar and Feminist Online, a special issue on Gender, Justice, and Neoliberal Transformations. Marcia Anne Yablon-Zug (South Carolina): Mail Order Feminism. John M. Kang (St. Thomas): Does Manly Courage Exist? Anca Gheaus (Sheffield): Three Cheers for the Token Woman. Richard L. Fox (Loyola Marymount) and Jennifer L. Lawless (American): Uncovering the Origins of the Gender Gap in Political Ambition. Beth A. Burkstrand-Reid (Nebraska): From Sex for Pleasure to Sex for Parenthood: How the Law Manufactures Mothers. From Buzzfeed, is now-departed founder of the Good Men Project Thomas Matlack bad for good men? Losing it: Mikael Bingham on women with short hair. Debora L. Spar on where feminism went wrong: Has feminism raised the bar so high that women are condemned to fall below it? William Murchison reviews Deadly Consequences: How Cowards are Pushing Women into Combat by Robert L. Maginnis. Scott Melzer on ritual violence in a two-car garage: What attracts some suburban professionals, dads, and husbands to a fight club? Hanna Rosin on why feminists won’t accept that things are looking up for women (and more). From The Baffler, Susan Faludi on Facebook feminism, like it or not. Of sex and procreation in prehistory: An excerpt from The Masculine Civilization by Rene Hirsch. From TNR, Alice Robb on how National Review wages a lonely war on the "War on Women"; and have professional women created a worse world for their working class peers? Nora Caplan-Bricker investigates.

Xavier Marquez (Victoria): A Model of Cults of Personality. Lorna Bracewell (Florida): How Deep is Wollstonecraft's Democracy? Sexuality and the Political Theory of Mary Wollstonecraft. Juan Linz’s bad news for America: The Yale political scientist died this week — his life’s work tells us that American democracy is doomed (and more by Alex Parenne). How America exports its gun problems: Henry Farrell on how the end of America's ban on assault weapons led to an upsurge in violence in Mexico. Tom Clancy is dead, but his frightening political worldview is alive and well. Mosquitoes, tinned tropical fruit and war graves indicate how the once remote islands of the Pacific are linked to the wider world. Rep. Todd Rokita (R-IN) mansplains the shutdown to CNN anchor Carol Costello: “You’re beautiful but you need to be honest”. You can download by Critique of Sarcastic Reason: The Epistemology of the Cognitive Neurological Ability Called "Theory-of-Mind" and Deceptive Reasoning by William "Trey" A. Brant. Josh Barro on how conservatives are angry because they have no idea what they want. Occupy vaporware: What happens when a group of anarchists starts a bank? Elke Weesjes interviews Joanna Ebenstein, founder of the Morbid Anatomy Library and Museum. Jonathan Cohn on why the Tea Party has to lose: “We’re not going to be disrespected. We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is”. J. Wisniewski on 5 ridiculous myths you probably believe about the Dark Ages.

Andreas Dimopoulos (Brunel): PIGS and Pearls: State of Economic Emergency, Right to Resistance and Constitutional Review in the Context of the Eurozone Crisis. Vivien Schmidt (BU) and Mark Thatcher (LSE): The Resilience of Neo-Liberal Ideas in Europe. Luca Delbello (St. John’s): Wherefore the Italian Left: From Active Struggles to Disenchantment. Pero Maldini (Dubrovnik): Nationalism in Croatian Transition to Democracy. Bojan D. Spaic (Belgrade): Political Identities and Citizenship in Montenegro. Richard Bronk (LSE) and Wade Jacoby (BYU): Avoiding Monocultures in the European Union: The Case for the Mutual Recognition of Difference in Conditions of Uncertainty. A debate about textbooks returns to a question that never really goes away: what is a Moldovan? From LRB, Susan Watkins reviews books on Europe. Goodbye Ossi: Stefan Berg on the demise of Eastern German identity. Susie Linfield reviews Utopia or Auschwitz: Germany’s 1968 Generation and the Holocaust by Hans Kundnani. What does the rise of Marine Le Pen's right-wing nationalist politics say about France? Tim Sampson on how pro-fascist ideologues are rewriting Croatia's history. James Mayfield on explaining the rapid rise of the xenophobic Right in contemporary Europe. Greek anti-terror police hold leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos and senior members of far-right party Golden Dawn on charges of forming a criminal organisation. John Shattuck on why European integration must not be reversed.