Peter H. Schuck (Yale): James Q. Wilson and American Exceptionalism. The vanity of American exceptionalism: Richard Gamble reviews American Exceptionalism: An Experiment in History by Charles Murray. Gracy Olmstead on American exceptionalism revisited. America's exception deception: Paul Waldman on coming to terms with the potential fallout from our superiority complex. Ajamu Baraka on an African American perspective on US exceptionalism. American exceptionalism has been in full view of the world in the last few days, but not in the way that people usually mean. Ronald Inglehart on how Putin was right about American exceptionalism. When cynicism is a virtue and sincerity a vice: Andrew Levine on the moralization of American exceptionalism. Pepe Escobar on “Breaking” American exceptionalism. Lewis Lapham on the death of American exceptionalism and the changing American idea of mortality. Katrina vanden Heuvel on American exceptionalism, according to Oliver Stone. Is America exceptional? Sure it is, in ways that can be measured and felt and, just as important but rarely considered, debated. Cass Sunstein on the real meaning of American exceptionalism. The fragile ego of imperialism: Rodolfo Acuna on the problem with American exceptionalism. Has the belief in American exceptionalism helped the U.S. protect its national interests or led it into military and diplomatic quagmires? Joel S. Hirschhorn on the Greatest Nation Fantasy: Replace U.S. with Scandinavia. Danny Quah on the end of US exceptionalism.

A new issue of Griffith Review is out. Ariel Alvarez (Montclair State): The Constitutionality of the Inevitable Regulations of All Tax Return Preparers. Nancy Fraser on how feminism became capitalism's handmaiden and how to reclaim it: A movement that started out as a critique of capitalist exploitation ended up contributing key ideas to its latest neoliberal phase. From Archeology, Eric A. Powell on telling tales in Proto-Indo-European. Steve Kolenberg on 5 dumb myths about prehistoric times that everyone believes. Marc Tracy interviews National Review's Robert Costa on dominating shutdown coverage: “I’m not on the conservative team”. Matt Welch interviews Jeremy Scahill author of Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield. Here’s why you really don’t want a strip club next door: A new spatial analysis of sexually oriented businesses finds crime is indeed higher in their wake. Ezra Klein on five thoughts on the Obamacare disaster. Brad DeLong wants to turn the Nobel Prize in Economics into an opportunity to advance the ball with respect to public knowledge of the financial sector and how it works in the economy — but it won’t happen. Charlie Jane Anders on 10 myths about science fiction (and why they matter). Impeach Obama: Hendrik Hertzberg on the G.O.P. insurrection. Joel Heller on Shelby County and the end of history. Can America survive parliamentary norms in a presidential system? The Furies Never End: Amid the government shutdown, pundits have expressed great shock at the radical nature of these new “upstart” Republicans — even though their cause, tactics, and influence are as old as American history itself.

Welcome to an Economy for the 1%: A full 95 percent of all of the new income generated during the 2009-2012 recovery went to a very small group of individuals. Michael Todd on the benefits of wealth inequality (and why we should not fear it). Billionaire Buzzkill: They’re ruining the fun for mere millionaires. Adam Waytz on the problem with rich people and ethics. Those at the top take all the credit in the best of times and blame everyone beneath them the rest of the time — at all times, though, they take the money. Daniel Goleman on how rich people just care less: The poor are more attuned to social relations, because they have to be — reducing the economic gap may be impossible without also addressing the gap in empathy. Plutocrats feeling persecuted: Paul Krugman on the rise of a small but powerful group of what can only be called sociopaths. The poor might’ve been hardest hit by the housing crisis, but the rich complain most. Poor little rich guys: The Supreme Court clamors to protect the right of Richie Rich, Scrooge McDuck, and the Koch brothers to further corrupt American politics. Scott Lemieux on McCutcheon, the next victory for the 1 percent. Keith Payne on the myth of executive stress: How tough is it, really, to be the boss? “Shame on us”: How businesses brought thedebt limit mess onto themselves. Sorry, rich people: Even you will be affected by the shutdown.