Constantinos Alexiou and Joseph Nellis (Cranfield): Is There Life After “Death” for the Greek Economy? Christmas in Thessaloniki: Arnon Grunberg on life in the long shadow of Greece’s economic collapse, as related by five citizens of the nation’s second-largest city. The barbarism of reason: John Gray on the Notebooks of Leopardi — the first full translation of a reclusive Italian poet’s philosophical “hotchpotch” is a major event in the history of ideas. When evil was a social system: Christopher Caldwell on the moral burdens of living under communist rule in Eastern Europe. The reluctant giant: Ullrich Fichtner on why Germany shuns its global role. The reign in Spain is mainly on the wane? Bob Colacello on King Juan Carlos’s controversies. Alexander Stille on why the French are fighting over work hours. Leo Tolstoy so admired the Doukhobors, a remote pacifist sect in the highlands of Georgia, he tried to shield them from the modern world — now only 500 of them remain. Forty years ago, squatters in Copenhagen set up the “free zone” of Christiania inside an old military base — the main drag is now a drug market called Pusher Street, but against all odds, and with a little help from the establishment, Christiania is doing just fine. Denmark is considered the happiest country — you'll never guess why. The New Barons: Michal Kus, Stephan Russ-Mohl, and Adam Szynol on power, politics, and media. Chantal Mouffe on how most countries in Europe are in a post-political situation.

Alicja Khatchikian (Vienna): Performance and Gender in Almodovar's Bodies. From Capitalism Nature Socialism, an editorial by David Correia: “Fk Jared Diamond”. From The Awl, why is America turning to shit? Yasmin Nair wants to know. Although perhaps best known for co-founding the Encylopedie, Philipp Blom argues for the importance of Diderot’s philosophical writings and how they offer a pertinent alternative to the Enlightenment cult of reason spearheaded by his better remembered contemporaries Voltaire and Rousseau. Why aren't there more female libertarians? Nora Caplan-Bricker investigates. The world's worst graffiti, in pictures: A satirical new art book, Wanksy: Interpreting a Graffiti Virtuoso, takes a massive swipe at everyday graffers, and by extension our entire society for humouring artists like Banksy. Josh Marshall on a fascinating conglomeration of hucksterism, right-wing paranoia, secular eschatology all from one pasty dude selling something called the "Patriot Survival Plan" — it's all in a video, which is epically crazy and yet hard to stop watching. Hate for a new generation: Young white supremacists gather in D.C. to talk Ayn Rand, race and IQ, economic collapse. Corey Robin on when Richard Nixon met Karl Polanyi. From NYRB, Alan Rusbridger on the Snowden leaks and the public. Will Silicon Valley finally get mad about the NSA’s MUSCULAR program?

Michelle Louise Wirth (Penn State): The State of Daddy Issues. Chantelle Feldhaus and Chantelle Van den Heever (North-West): The Sexual Orientation of a Parent as a Factor When Considering Care. Samantha Brennan and Bill Cameron (Western Ontario): How Many Parents Can a Child Have? Philosophical Reflections on the "Three Parent Case". Jessica Grose on how celebrating surrogate motherhood too excessively is dangerous, too. Richard V. Reeves, Isabel Sawhill and Kimberly Howard on the parenting gap: The first two years of life are crucial — we need to help lower-income parents do better and demand that they do. Ethical Parenting: If your kids are watching you try to be the best parent you can be (and they are), they will likely see you lie, plot, and even cheat for their benefit — so are you doing them more harm than good? Breaking down motherhood myths: An interview with Kate Hopper, author of Ready for Air: A Journey through Premature Motherhood. Moms and dads both want to spend time with their kids — why do moms spend more? Marshall Poe interviews Gayle Kaufman, author of Superdads: How Fathers Balance Work and Family in the 21st Century. Why aren't there more stay-at-home dads? Tim Napper wonders. Donna Peach reviews Diversity in Family Life: Gender, Relationships and Social Change by Elisabetta Ruspini. Eric Yosomono, Rev. Les Crowley, Ryan Menezes on 6 foreign parenting practices Americans would call neglect.