Edward (Ted) A. Parson (UCLA): Climate Engineering in Global Climate Governance: Implications for Participation and Linkage. David E. Winickoff (UC-Berkeley) and Mark B. Brown (Cal State-Sacramento): Time for a Government Advisory Committee for Geoengineering Research. Obama asks federal agencies to “prepare” for climate change — here’s what that means. Is it too late to prepare for climate change? Elizabeth Kolbert wonders. Kevin J. Noone on problem solving in the Anthropocene. Ezra Klein on Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s lonely war against climate change. What happened after Congress passed a climate change law? Very little. Joshua Tucker on the fundamental political challenge of climate change: The inherent political difficulties in enacting climate change legislation, and why grandchildren may be part of the solution. Brad Plumer on how the world is failing at its climate goals, in one giant chart. Jennifer Jacquet on how delayed gratification hurts climate change cooperation. Eric Posner on how you can have either climate justice or a climate treaty — not both. Annie Lowrey on the inequality of climate change. Stephan Richter on climate change as terrorism against the people: In view of the typhoon in the Philippines, has the United States misplaced its global priorities? Poor countries walk out of UN climate talks as compensation row rumbles on. What is the Anthropocene, and are you living in it? Annalee Newitz investigates. Roy Scranton on learning how to die in the Anthropocene.

Christian Bjornskov (Aarhus) Jacob Mchangama (Freedom Rights Project): Do Social Rights Affect Social Outcomes? Nuno P. Monteiro (Yale) and Alexandre Debs (MIT): The Strategic Logic of Nuclear Proliferation. From The Christian Post, Noah Beck says Obama's Iran moves could start World War III. Did JFK really save the world from nuclear annihilation, and was he a liberal? Rick Perlstein investigates. From The Washington Post, a special issue on new books on John F. Kennedy. Lisa Larson-Walker on capturing present-day photos of the iconic scenes of JFK’s assassination. Obamacare, too small to succeed? Richard Kim on how the problems with the Affordable Care Act stem from government being too weak and underfunded, not too big to manage. Clay Shirky on healthcare.gov and the gulf between planning and reality. I just lost my insurance because of Obamacare — what do I do? Jonathan Cohn on a step-by-step guide to replacing your health insurance. Has BP hired internet "trolls" to threaten critics of its handling of the 2010 oil disaster? Dahr Jamail investigates. What happened at Manhattan's Zen Studies Society? Mark Oppenheimer on the Zen Buddhist who preyed on his Upper East Side students. From Vanity Fair, Josh Duboff on Miley vs. Katy vs. Gaga: A statistical breakdown of this fall’s pop star diva-off; and Hollywood feuds are having a moment, thanks to Clooney, DiCaprio, and Downey Jr.

From the Journal of Academic Freedom, a special issue on academic boycotts. Michael Bikard (LBS): Is Knowledge Trapped Inside the Ivory Tower? Technology Spawning and the Genesis of New Science-Based Inventions. Publish or perish: Bret McCabe on how academic publishing confronts its digital future. Jonathan Wai and Max Nisen on the complete ranking of America's 501 smartest colleges. Which bogus list of universities is the best? Mora Caplan-Bricker on the college rankings ranking. Glenn C. Altschuler reviews Ebony and Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America's Universities by Craig Steven Wilder. Rob Asghar on the toughest leadership job of all — it's not what you think. William Vesterman on Rutgers, Inc., or how Thorstein Veblen explains today’s policies in higher education. Marko Milanovic on academic spam. David A. Hollinger on the wedge driving academe's two families apart: Can STEM and the human sciences get along? Anna Grzymala-Busse on how area-studies centers are vital but vulnerable. Where have all the geniuses gone? Darrin M. McMahon on how the term has become generic, and all but banished from academe. You can’t just end an era: Sangamithra Iyer on Cooper Union. What if colleges embraced affirmative action for class instead of race? Sophie Quinton investigates. Low-income students going to college is now set to become the latest thing that conservatives hate. Should public education be free? Or, perhaps, what should the phrase “free public education” mean? (and more)