Murat Cem Menguc (Seton Hall): AKP's Religious Conservatism vs. Neo-Liberalism: A Divide That Doesn’t Exist. Kaya Genc on the political color wheel: In Turkey, different colors have long been associated with particular beliefs — most recently, a rainbow coalition has spread across the country. Halil Karaveli on Turkey: A capitalist history. Piotr Zalewski on Istanbul's Big Dig: Is there a dark side to Turkey's glittering array of multi-billion-dollar massive infrastructure projects? Andrew Arato on ten theses on constitutional change in Turkey. Richard Falk on two forms of lethal polarization: Egypt and Turkey. Smells like Gezi spirit: Meyda Yegenoglu on democratic sensibilities and carnivalesque politics in Turkey. Christopher de Bellaigue on Turkey: “Surreal, menacing, pompous”. An imperfect model: Kemal Kirisci on how a high-profile corruption scandal has aggravated the growing instability in Turkey. At the center of Turkey's corruption scandal is a "gas for gold" scheme that the Obama administration dragged its feet on stopping. Brent E. Sasley on how Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has reshaped Turkish politics, and what it means for current corruption scandal. Will Turkey's Erdogan cause his own downfall? Dexter Filkins investigates. Suzy Hansen goes inside the movement of Fetullah Gulen, a guy who lives in Pennsylvania qho may be taking down the entire Turkish government. With a combination of the kitsch of Eurovision and the lofty sentiments of pan-Turkic brotherhood, the Turkic-speaking world’s first international song contest, Turkvision, made its debut.

Todd K. Platts (Missouri): Locating Zombies in the Sociology of Popular Culture. From Cyborgology blog, Sarah Wanenchak on drone sexuality, part 1: Knowledge and consent; and part 2: Boundary conditions. What is a brand? Slavoj Zizek on how marketing redefines our lives in strange new ways. Brad Plumer on seven things you should know about the expiration of unemployment benefits. Deadly mix in Benghazi: The reality behind the attack on American outposts in Libya is murkier and more complex than initially believed, but months of investigation turned up no evidence that Al Qaeda had any role in the assault. JFK conspiracy theories at 50: David Reitzes on how the skeptics got it wrong and why it matters (and more at TNR). Is JFK in hell? Joseph Pearce wonders. Robert J. Joustra on the “Crack-Smoking Mayor of Toronto” and the politics of middles. George J. Marlin on the moral dilemmas of Obamacare. Technology for the elderly grows more ambitious and, arguably, more adventurous — the paper “Development of Anal Position Detecting System for New-Toilet System” sets a new standard. Who cares if we wreck that million dollar painting? JP Morgan's $19m-a-year boss Jamie Dimon under fire for “opulent” Christmas card of him hitting tennis balls around palatial home. George Monbiot on materialism, a system that eats us from the inside out. It has been neither the best of times nor the worst of times, but it has been Robert Paul Wolff’s time.

From Salon, one liberal, three GOP strongholds: Eric Lutz on what a drive through Ryan and Bachmann country says about America right now; and Paul Rosenberg on how to beat GOP on inequality: Key reforms that don’t involve Congress. Don’t call it a class war: A top Democrat is ready to go on offense over economic inequality, if not to speak those words — “there’s no way [the GOP] can sort of escape it”. Michael Lind on how to beat libertarians on the economy: While the right is united economically behind one main agenda, the left lacks such a consensus — here's the solution. Have hope — conservatives rationalize Leftist stuff they like: The Alaska Permanent Fund (APF), it is the most socialist government program in the country, but it earns conservative acclaim. Why the Left sucks at trolling: Alan Grayson trash-talks as well as a tea-party Republican, but his progressive colleagues would rather take a high road (and sit on the sideline). There won’t be a liberal Rush: Jeffrey M. Berry and Sarah Sobieraj on the economics of conservative media. Beck is back: Chris Lehmann on what Glenn Beck and Malcolm Gladwell have in common. Michele Bachmann as William F. Buckley’s spawn: Jeffrey M. Berry and Sarah Sobieraj on how right-wing media spiraled out of control. Why can't Democrats be more like Rick Santorum? Molly Ball on th battle within the Democratic Party: A schism between moderates and liberals over economic inequality is the first front in defining a post-Obama platform.