A new issue of Aspeers: Emerging Voices in American Studies is out. MiEsha Strickland (Cleveland State): Social Security Number Assignments: Coincidental, Intentional or Urban Legend? Brian Steele (UAB): Inventing Un-America. Scott Alan Carson (Texas): US Male Obesity from 1800-2000: A Long Term Perspective. Shannon Wambaugh on combating canine obesity in the United States. Gored in the U.S.A.: The running of the bulls comes to America. Carolyn Givens on the beauty of Americana. Sally Jenkins on how the flag came to be called Old Glory. Albert Burneko on the Great American Menu: Foods of the states, ranked and mapped. Why do we eat cereal for breakfast? and other questions about American meals answered. Kelsy Campbell-Dollaghan on what she found at Hart Island, the largest mass grave site in the U.S. Oklahoma Satanists seek to put monument on Capitol steps, next to Ten Commandments. Charlie Jane Anders on a map of the weirdest sex laws in the United States. A vindication of Juggalo Society: Daniel M. Rothschild on why America is increasingly down with the clown, and that’s OK. What’s wrong with America? Jared Bernstein wants to know. Jaime O'Neill on 12 signs America is insane: Chelsea Manning is in jail, Dick Cheney is not — need we say more? Lauren Ben on 10 reasons why the U.S.A. isn’t all bad. America 3.0: James C. Bennett and Michael J. Lotus on the coming reinvention of America. Jacopo della Quercia on 6 carefully planned “utopias” that went spectacularly insane.

Michelle Falter (Georgia): “You're Wearing Kurt's Necklace!”: The Rhetorical Power of Glee in the Literacy Classroom. Jonathan Neumann on God, Hayek and the conceit of reason. Chinese Muslims freed from Guantanamo ten years after being found innocent. A look at how Easter Island "collapse" may be a modern myth. Where does Obamacare stand? “Add all these up and you get a number between 9 and 10 million people who now have health care coverage because of the Affordable Care Act”. Will Sloan on Al Goldstein, the anti-Hef. Don’t go there: Valerie Curtis on the evolution of disgust. Wonkblog presents the third annual Wonky awards. Shahla Sultanova on the Lord of Nakhchivan: The whims and dictates of one man reach deep into the lives of those in this isolated piece of Azerbaijan. Can game theory solve a decades-old dispute? Timothy Oleson on gaming the system in the Caspian Sea. Republican thought on mass unemployment is a restaurant with tiny portions that taste terrible. Scott Timberg on how the Village Voice and other alt-weeklies lost their voice in 2013. After Obamacare: A frenzy of hospital mergers could leave the typical American family spending 50 percent of its income on health care within ten years and blaming the Democrats — the solution requires banning price discrimination by monopolistic hospitals. . Ian Urbina on how the U.S. flouts its own advice in procuring overseas clothing. Here's how potential presidential candidates are gearing up for 2016. Did Godot show up after all? Julian Scutts wonders

Galen Clavio and Patrick T. Walsh (Indiana) and Pat Coyle (Coyle Media): The Effects of Gender on Perceptions of Team Twitter Feeds. Ultimate recognition: Chucking a Frisbee is becoming a serious sport, and a lucrative business. James McWilliams on John McEnroe and the sadness of greatness. Sex is fine before sport — but only if 10 hours before. Jack Moore on the reactionary sports drug war: Steroids will continue to debase sports as long as the war against them solely targets players. Why is pro sports constantly jamming military fervor down our throats? Justin Doolittle on how their claims are wrong in more ways than one. Sarah Eberspacher on 5 times the U.S. government interfered in the world of sports: The results are about as mixed as you would expect. President Obama says he wants to host ESPN's SportsCenter when he retires. Sheila Bapat on how the NBA's path out of poverty is more an exception than a rule. MMA fighting: Matthew Stanmyre on an inside look at the brutal sport's rising popularity and danger. Travis Waldron on why America’s major sports leagues are talking about climate change. Are kids sports pricing themselves out of the market? As organized sports get pushed further out of reach of many poorer kids, one former college hoops star wants to even the playing field. Sam Laird on the Ballad of Kiwi Gardner: This is the story of a YouTube legend fighting for his basketball future.