Kosta Gligorijevic (Guelph): Theology as the Limit of Science: Anaximander's Discovery of Metaphysics and the Milesian Concept of Divinity. Cosmin Tudor Ciocan (Ovidius): God, the Creator of the Multiverse: The Theory of Concomitance. David J. Davis reviews The Genesis of Science: How the Christian Middle Ages Launched the Scientific Revolution by James Hannam. The Dumb Ox on evolution: Thomism offers a valuable service to mankind by guiding the scientific discussions only in the direction of those theories that have a solid metaphysical foundation. No faith in science: Jerry A. Coyne on why the Higgs boson is not like a sea of milk that sustains the gods. From Skeptic, William S. Moore reviews Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism by Alvin Plantinga. Keith Ward reviews Evolutionary Religion by J. L. Schellenberg. Can an evolutionary explanation of religious beliefs call the contents of those beliefs into question? Charles Pigden says yes — under certain circumstances. This is your brain on religion: DF Swaab on uncovering the science of belief. 7 reasons why it's easier for humans to believe in God than evolution: Chris Mooney on what science can tell us about our not-so-scientific minds. Inside Ken Ham’s mind: Elizabeth Stoker on why the creationist couldn’t sustain a scientific discussion (and more). Texas public schools are teaching creationism: Zack Kopplin on an investigation into charter schools’ dishonest and unconstitutional science, history, and “values” lessons. Joshua Cowen on how taxpayer-funded schools teach creationism and get away with it. Noah took a baby dinosaur on the Ark? Jonny Scaramanga on 5 extremist Christian "science" teachings.

From the inaugural issue of Review of Behavioral Economics, Peter T. Leeson (George Mason): Human Sacrifice. Patrick B. Crawford (People’s College of Law): Occupy Wall Street, Income Inequality and Tax Scholarship: An Ideology Critique of the Consumption Tax Debate. Caitlin E. Borgmann (CUNY): In Abortion Litigation, It's the Facts That Matter. Robert Tally (Texas State): A Geocriticism of the Worldly World. Howard M. Wasserman (FIU): Football and the Infield Fly Rule. From Forward, Theodore Sasson on the fracturing of American Jewry: In the wake of Iran deal, leaders and organizations have lost clout; and who will head the major Jewish federations of America? Sex workers’ rights are just workers’ rights: Mike Konczal reviews Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work by Melissa Gira Grant. Tyler Cowen on why emerging markets should look within. Meredith Carpenter and Lillian Fritz-Laylin on the snarky, clever comments hidden in the "acknowledgments" of academic papers. Acceptance or exploitation? Rafaella Gunz on the world of alternative modeling. Chris Christie’s loss is [someone’s] gain: Politico asks leading conservatives from Newt Gingrich to Mary Matalin to fill in the blank. Poor Sochi: Elizabeth Kiem on the corruption, crises, ill-preparedness, highways paved with French luggage, and other #sochiproblems surrounding Putin’s graft-gutted Winter Olympics. Adam Martin on conversation starters about the Winter Olympics. Russell Puntenney on 5 everyday annoyances that are actually worldwide disasters.

Sam F. Hanna (Rutgers): The Future of Big Brother Government: Orwellian Surveillance of Vehicular Travels Has Arrived. Do transportation apps compromise safety? Waze and other apps want to save drivers 10 minutes every day, but safety experts say it's too dangerous to use these apps while driving. From n+1, Daniel Albert on finding the robot chauffeur — the American “love affair” with the automobile is often mistaken for a love affair with driving. Ariel Schwartz on the cities with the best public transportation in the U.S. Why mass transit is doomed in America: Alex Pareene on how politicians don’t know people who use it. Newt Gingrich says Hillary Clinton can’t be president because she doesn’t drive: “Here’s a woman whose effort to get back in touch with us doesn’t involve driving across America". Jordan Michael Smith on conservatives’ new enemy — bikes: The bicycle is emerging as a new conservative front in the culture wars. A look at why no new transportation megaprojects should ever be designed for cars only, in one chart. From Slate, Matthew Yglesias on how Atlanta is a regional transportation planning disaster; and what does racism have to do with gridlock? In Atlanta, everything. Stephen Bainbridge says the media is ignoring the moral equivalence between Obamajams and Christie's bridge. In case you're wondering how to travel the country without a car (in a way other than running), a map from the American Intercity Bus Riders Association shows you all the bus and Amtrak routes that span the United States.