The inaugural issue of the European Journal of Transformation Studies is out. James Rogers (BDCOL): Why Do Europeans Need Armed Forces? Raphael Bossong (IPRSP) and Mark Rhinard (Stockholm): European Internal Security as a Public Good. Johannes Petry (Warwick): From PIIGS and the Drive Towards Austerity: The Discursive Construction of the Eurozone Crisis and Its Impact on European Welfare States. Simon Usherwood (Surrey): The Shifting Focus of Opposition to the European Union. Sonia Piedrafita (CEPS): EU Democratic Legitimacy and National Parliaments. Lina Papadopoulou (Aristotle): “All Good Things Come in Threes”: From Double to Triple Democratic Legitimacy of the European Union. A democratic nightmare: Seeking to confront the rise of Eurosceptics and fill the democratic deficit. Yanis Varoufakis on a pop history of the European Union: The EU was supposed to make Europe one — but the crisis is being handled as many. Lagarde for president: If ever Europe needed a competent reformer with new ideas, it is now. Can we move beyond the Maastricht orthodoxy? To recover from stagnation and regain citizens’ trust, Europe needs a genuine paradigm shift on the Eurozone. Worry about the euro, not the European Union: The union is not compatible with a single currency in the long run. Aleksejus Podpruginas on how Latvia successfully adopted the Euro. Think the E.U. is great for Eastern Europe? Bulgaria could change your mind. The introduction to The Ashgate Research Companion to the Politics of Democratization in Europe, ed. Kari Palonen and Tuija Pulkkinen. From Cafe Babel, a special series on EU-topia on the ground. Wendell Cox on moving to the heart of Europe. Asya Pereltsvaig on the geography of European surnames.

Tina Rulli (Purdie): The Unique Value of Adoption. Melissa De Zwart (Adelaide): Whistleblowers and the Media: Friends or “Frenemies”? From First Look’s new magazine The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald on the NSA’s secret role in the U.S. assassination program; and Trevor Paglen on new photos of the NSA and other top intelligence agencies revealed for first time. Henry Farrell on how the 9/11 Commission helped Edward Snowden: The September 11 Commission's recommendations led to more openness and new technologies within the intelligence community, but also making it easier to mine NSA computers for useful information. You can download The Powers of War and Peace: The Constitution and Foreign Affairs After 9/11 by John Yoo (2005). Suicide bomb instructor accidentally kills Iraqi pupils. Manifest Density: Investment in "hyperdense" cities is, according to one writer, the key to solving many problems that afflict US society. Simon Critchley on the dangers of certainty: A lesson from Auschwitz. How long till China is self-sufficient in recycled waste? Nick Holdstock interviews Adam Minter, author of Junkyard Planet. One problem with writing about the fashion business is that every new venture comes into the world in a blaze of superlatives, but Porter, a fashion magazine launched in London, does seem noteworthy. Harding-Kerrigan 20 years later: Matt Crossman on remembering the stunning, life-changing attack. Where did all the activist athletes go? Annalee Newitz and Emily Stamm on 10 failed utopian cities that influenced the future.

From The Economist, a special report on tech startups: Cheap and ubiquitous building blocks for digital products and services have caused an explosion in startups. J.J. Colao on the inside story of Snapchat: The world's hottest app or a $3 billion disappearing act? From The New Yorker, which Internet stock is the most overvalued? John Cassidy investigates. The new GE — Google, everywhere: With a string of deals the internet giant has positioned itself to become a big inventor, and reinventor, of hardware. It’s not a church, it’s just an Apple Store. Lydia DePillis on how tech’s biggest problem is one it doesn’t know how to solve. Walter Isaacson on the culture that gave birth to the personal computer. Sam Biddle on the biggest dick moves of Silicon Valley 2013; and on how Silicon Valley can't stop shit-talking itself on this new app. The Techtopus: Mark Ames on how Silicon Valley’s most celebrated CEOs conspired to drive down 100,000 tech engineers’ wages. Dean Baker on how Silicon Valley billionaires believe in the free market, as long as they benefit. Techies are the new Puritans: Noreen Malone on how Silicon Valley's ugly treatment of homeless people has a long history. Please don't let any of these tech people fuck each other and make little tech people babies. “Veep” for Geeks: Here’s the teaser for HBO’s upcoming “Silicon Valley”. From Tikkun, Allen Kanner on technological wisdom. Making it: Evgeny Morozov on how makers became the new hackers. The unconnected life: Jana Kasperkevic on growing up without internet. Carolyn Gregoire on a field guide to anti-technology movements, past and present.