Reuven S. Avi-Yonah (Michigan): The Parallel March of the Ginis: How Does Taxation Relate to Inequality and What Can Be Done About It? Robert H. Frank on the vicious circle of income inequality. Dreaming of a better Gini: How do we know income inequality is getting worse? Mark Schmitt on how we should think about the inequality debate. Justin Fox on why we can’t afford to leave inequality to the economists. Chris Willow on why inequality matters. Obama invokes income inequality; Rightbloggers come out in favor. Family wealth lasts for ten to fifteen generations: Alice Robb on the ultimate case for dealing with income inequality before all else. Raj Chetty, Nathaniel Hendren, Patrick Kline, Emmanuel Saez on intergenerational mobility in the US. Everyone likes the idea of equal opportunity — Gregory Clark thinks it’s a fantasy. Mark Thoma on sharing the gains from economic growth. What's the best way to help the poor? Mark Thoma wants to know. What happens when the poor receive a stipend? Moises Velasquez-Manoff investigates. Chris Dillow on who benefits from benefits. Paul Krugman on the myth of the deserving rich (and more), on the populist imperative, on the paranoia of the plutocrats, and on how the realities of class begin to sink in (and more). Ed Kilgore on the one percenter death chamber delusions: No, liberals are not going to start systematically murdering the rich. The 1 percent wins again: The system’s so fixed that a global class war is only a dream. Here’s an ongoing pick-up Internet symposium on the 1%. Billionaire Sam Zell defends another billionaire on a network owned by a billionaire. Richard Eskow on 5 obnoxious libertarian oligarchs who earned fortunes from the government they'd like to destroy.

Mehrsa Baradaran (Georgia): It’s Time for Postal Banking. Daniel H. Cole, Graham Epstein, and Michael D. McGinnis (Indiana): Digging Deeper into Hardin's Pasture: The Complex Institutional Structure of “The Tragedy of the Commons”. From the Journal of Institutional Economics, a special issue on Elinor Ostrom. Paul Dragos Aligica on Elinor Ostrom and institutional diversity. What makes a scandal stick? Strategists are talking about a Scott Walker presidential nomination in light of Bridgegate, but no one's paying attention to the Wisconsin governor’s own misconduct. From n+1, Melissa Flashman on how to be popular. Callie Beusman on a brief history of homoeroticism (and denial) in the Olympics. Julian Baggini on the social animal: Whether in education, ethics or politics, we ignore our social natures at our peril. Alex Kane on 10 reasons Russia is a much crueler place than the cuddly snowy image it's projecting at Sochi. Daniel Soar reviews The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man by Luke Harding. Peter Ludlow on Fifty States of Fear: Just like authoritarian states, democracies can use fear to exert control over the populace and consolidate power. Unbundling the nation state: Countries have started to outsource public services to each other. Trading places: Michael Brendan Dougherty on how America and Russia flipped roles after the Cold War. The introduction to Why Race and Gender Still Matter: An Intersectional Approach by Namita Goswami, Maeve M O'Donovan and Lisa Yount. How not to die: Jeff Wise on 20 survival tips you must know.

From the inaugural issue of Masculinities: A Journal of Identity and Culture, Aneta Stepien (Surrey): Understanding Male Shame; and Michael Edward Stewart (Queensland): Some Disputes Surrounding Masculinity as a Legitimate Category of Historical Inquiry in the Study of Late Antiquity. Karin Neutel (Groningen): The First Cut is the Deepest: Masculinity and Circumcision in the First Century. Ryan Schacht, Kristin Liv Rauch, and Monique Borgerhoff Mulder (UC-Davis): Too Many Men: The Violence Problem? Terrell L. Strayhorn and Derrick L. Tillman-Kelly (OSU): Queering Masculinity: Manhood and Black Gay Men in College. Can men be feminists? Batuhan Erkat wonders. A feminist defense of masculine virtues: Camille Paglia on why ignoring the biological differences between men and women risks undermining Western civilization. Are there genes that lead men to enjoy fighting? Masculinity anxiety at the movies: Ryan Leas on questioning yesterday’s tough guys. Nick Field on layers of leather: Performance, performativity or essence of masculinity? There's no such thing as a "real man": Claire Carusillo on what Obama and Michael Grimm both get wrong about masculinity. Boy Trouble: Family breakdown disproportionately harms young males — and they’re falling further behind. Amaan Shreyas on incoherent masculinities. Gentlemen, Formerly: A gentleman in 1720 could read Greek while mounting a running horse; today’s gentleman reads GQ in the bathroom — from rapists to stylists, a history of the American gentleman. Str8 boys: Alex Chard on an evaluation on gay masculinity, identity and its presence in society. Michael Sam presents NFL’s real manhood test: Is it as mature as college football?