Aart Gerritsen (Max Planck) and Bas Jacobs (Tilburg): Is a Minimum Wage an Appropriate Instrument for Redistribution? From TPM, Dylan Scott on what the recent CBO Obamacare dust-up tells us about the state of the American work ethic; and why do so many conservatives think the American work ethic can't survive without extra-economic threats and extortion? Jonathan Chait on how Obamacare became the new welfare (and more: “Bailouts are bad, but it beats giving health care to poor people”.) CBO finds Obamacare lets Americans quit jobs they don't want, which Rightbloggers, naturally, oppose. Union rule despised by right-wingers now roaring back to life. New research reveals that unemployment is especially hellish in the U.S. — because unemployed Americans blame themselves for their plight. Why are US corporate profits so high? Because wages are so low. Robert Reich on how it is fear why workers in red states vote against their economic self-interest. Eduardo Porter on how confronting an old problem may require a New Deal. Should the government pay you to be alive? It sounds radical, but the “guaranteed basic income” almost became law in the United States — and it’s having a revival now, with some surprising supporters. Paul Krugman on writing off the unemployed. John Quiggin on work beyond Ross Douthat. Eric Lipton on how the campaign against increasing the minimum wage illustrates how interest groups — conservative and liberal — are working in opaque ways to shape hot-button political debates. Ylan Q. Mui on why the unemployment rate doesn’t matter anymore. Why do you care how much other people work? If we’re going to debate the meaning, importance, dignity, and existence of work, we should be a lot more careful what we mean by the concept.

Sorin Solomon (Racah) and Natasa Golo (HUJ): How Do Life, Economy and Other Complex Systems Escape the Heat Death? From the inaugural issue of Statistics and Public Policy, Andrew Gelman (Columbia): The Twentieth-Century Reversal: How Did the Republican States Switch to the Democrats and Vice Versa? Michael Stokes Paulsen (St. Thomas): Kermit Gosnell and Uncle Tom's Cabin; and The Insistent Analogy to Slavery. Tara Culp-Ressler on how TED Talks don’t cover abortion because they say it doesn’t count as a human rights issue. From Port Towns and Urban Cultures, Louise Moon on tattoos, tars and sailortown culture. A nation ruled by creeps: From celebrities to right-wing columnists, when it comes to sexual assault the media's idea of "balance" is inane. Dirty games: Ari Phillips on how Sochi abandoned promises, jailed activists and devastated the environment. Every time the thermometer drops, another anti-science politician mocks climate change as a fallacy — here’s why they’re wrong. Chas Clifton on orthography and the modern pagan. Desensitized to horror: When mass shootings stop shocking us. From American Scientist, Brian Hayes on new dilemmas for the prisoner: A paradoxical game becomes even stranger with the discovery of novel strategies. A Field Guide to Straightsplaining: If you want to know about gay people — their lives, their desires, their ideas, their cultures — listen to gay people; if you want to know about straight people, listen to straight people talking about gay people.

Charles J. Reid Jr. (St. Thomas): Tradition in Revolution: Harold J. Berman and the Historical Understanding of the Papacy. From St. Austin Review, Daniel J. Heisey on the secret of Papal history. Heather Horn on Pope Francis's theory of economics: A case for the pontiff's debt not to Karl Marx but to Karl Polanyi. Matthew A. Shadle on Pope Francis and the ongoing dialogue of liberation theology. The Times They Are A-Changin': Mark Binelli goes inside the Pope's gentle revolution. A. Alexander Stummvoll on a revolutionary pope? Martin E. Marty on Pope Francis: Beyond the compelling gestures. Frederick Clarkson on the ephemeral "Francis Effect". What do liberal Catholics want? Pope Francis isn't leading a wave of doctrinal reform — yet liberals seem perfectly content. Stop fawning over Pope Francis at the expense of women and gay rights: James Bloodworth on why it's time for some perspective on papal hype. Don't let Pope Francis' smileconceal the corruption of the Catholic church. Peggy Rivage-Seul on taking back the Roman Catholic Church. Should Pope Francis rethink abortion? Gary Gutting wonders. Global poll finds most Catholics actually support birth control and abortion rights. Can the UN change the Church's views on abortion and gay rights? Emma Green investigates. UN denounces Vatican over child abuse and demands immediate action. Frank A. Salamone on the Vatican war on nuns. Tom Hoopes on how the Legion of Christ contemplates its future (andmore). Michael Coren on the future of Catholicism. Amid the drama, one question was never fully answered: Why did Benedict quit?