Marta Soniewicka (Jagiellonian): Should Greece Go to Hell? Between Economic Salvation and Economic Damnation in Europe. Fritz W. Scharpf (Max Planck): No Exit from the Euro-Rescuing Trap? Susanna Cafaro (Salento): Are the Poor Outcomes of the Eurocrisis Boosting Democratic Evolution? Gottfried Schweiger (Salzburg): Recognition and Social Exclusion: A Recognition-theoretical Exploration of Poverty in Europe. From Renewal, who’s afraid of public ownership? Joe Guinan reviews Reclaiming Public Ownership: Making Space for Economic Democracy by Andrew Cumbers; and Kevin Farnsworth on public policies for private corporations: the British corporate welfare state. The Kilburn Manifesto is a statement being made in twelve monthly instalments, issued free on-line, about the nature of the neoliberal system which now dominates Britain and most of the Western world, and about the need to develop coherent alternatives to it. Eduardo Porter on how Americanized labor policy is spreading in Europe. Germany's trade surplus is not about great products or hard work — the average German worker puts in many fewer hours than the average Greek, Spanish, or Italian worker. There is only one way to end Europe’s economic woes: Germany needs to buy more stuff. Eirini Karamouzi on a strategy for Southern Europe. Socialism in one village: Belen Fernandez on how Spain’s Marinaleda may not quite be a utopia, but it beats “reality” hands-down. Annie Lowry on Switzerland’s proposal to pay people for being alive: The simplest welfare program imaginable — an income for everyone, no strings attached. You can download Social Democracy in Europe, ed. Pascal Delwit (2005).

AprilJo Murphy (North Texas): Homicidal Lesbian Terrorists to Crimson Caped Crusaders: How Folk and Mainstream Lesbian Heroes Queer Cultural Space. Benjamin A. Lyons (SIU): Political Memes, Social Spaces: How Partisanship and Perceptions of Network Heterogeneity Influence Corrective Intent and Views on Censorship. From Mother Jones, Ben Dooley on who’s behind Newsweek: Why are the new owners so anxious to hide their ties to an enigmatic religious figure? Jessica Valenti on why we need to keep talking about “rape culture”. James Miller and Elzbieta Matynia remember Jonathan Schell. Obamacare enrollment is almost over — what just happened? Jeb Bush fever: Rich donors are getting ready to draft another Bush and thumb their noses at the party’s far-right base. Rightbloggers go to holy war for Hobby Lobby, against abortion pills, lady judges. Paul Krugman on jobs and skills and zombies: Why does the myth of a “skills gap” persist and continue to do harm? The original Nate Silver also thinks pundits are “stupid”: Marc Tracy interviews Bill James on “moneyball” in 2014 and backward political thinking. Anne Helen Petersen on Beyonce, Kim, and the politics of celebrity labor. Public Intellectual Deathmatch: Brendan O'Connor on Ta-Nehisi Coates and Jonathan Chait. A sharp mind + cynicism + decadence + a complete contempt for the mass + a mercenary attitude = a genius awareness of what is commercially viable. Know thy selfie: It is time to stop invoking narcissism in the diagnosis of so many modern ills — self-love has its virtues.

Sebastian de Haro (Amsterdam): Science and Philosophy: A Love-Hate Relationship. Isabelle Ioannides (IES): Science and Society: Time for a New Deal. Jeroen Van Bouwel (Ghent): Towards Democratic Models of Science: Exploring the Case of Scientific Pluralism. Barbara P. Billauer (IWP): Scientific Statecraft: Using the Power of Scientific Knowledge to Drive State Actions. Caroline S. Wagner (Ohio State) and Dae Joong Kim (Dongguk): The Price of Big Science: Scarcity and Abundance in Scientific Publication. David S. Caudill (Villanova): Economics and/of Science: The Meaning(s) of Financial Bias and the Ideal of Interest-Free Science in Law. William J. Broad on how billionaires with big ideas are privatizing American science. John Aldrich on why scientific research needs both public and private support. Frank Ackerman on how the Koch brothers are hacking science. Bill Nye, the climate guy: D.C. Democrats are often pretty bad at debating right-wing science skeptics — be grateful that a kids' TV star has stepped into the void. Why believers ignore science: Laura Miller reviews The Unpersuadables: Adventures With the Enemies of Science by Will Storr. From visionary to the fringe: Paula Findlen reviews The Pseudoscience Wars: Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth of the Modern Fringe by Michael D. Gordin. Joshua A. Krisch on 10 of the maddest scientists who ever lived. Combating bad science: Sloppy researchers beware — a new institute has you in its sights.