Gregory H. Fox (Wayne State): Intervention by Invitation. Yuriy Matsievsky (Ostroh): Belarusization, Hybridization, or Democratization? The Changing Prospects for Ukraine. Robert W. McGee on the issue of possible future Ukrainian secessions from the broader perspective of political philosophy. The slaughter of 53 protesters in the Maidan on February 20 changed history — now, exclusive photographs show what really happened. Max Seddon and Oleksandr Akymenko on 25 tales of corruption from documents found at the abandoned palace of Ukraine’s ousted president. Farid Guliyev and Nozima Akhrarkhodjaeva on why Ukraine’s Euromaidan is not spreading to other post-Soviet states. The Russians are coming: Michael Weiss on 10 very good reasons not to believe Vladimir Putin when he says he's totally not going to invade eastern Ukraine. The end of the Putin mystique: Russia's actions in Ukraine are primarily intended to distract domestic audiences, but are ultimately destined to fail in this regard. Little green men: Alexei Yurchak on Russia, Ukraine and post-Soviet sovereignty. Putin's pipelines: How reliant is Europe on Russian gas? Petro-aggression: Jeff Colgan on how Russia’s oil makes war more likely. As the U.S. confronts Putin over Crimea, federal investigators probe whether Cisco enriched Russian officials with vast kickback scheme. Seven decades of Nazi collaboration as America’s dirty little Ukraine secret: Paul H. Rosenberg interviews Russ Bellant, author of Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party. Vladimir Putin has finalized his divorce from Lyudmila Putina, his wife of nearly 30 years.

Dmitry Dima Adamsky (IDC): The 1983 Nuclear Crisis: Lessons for Deterrence Theory and Practice. Giorgio Comai (Dublin City): Sovereignty Conflicts and Minority Protection: The Case of Abkhazia. From Buzzfeed, Ayesha Siddiqi introduces the new section BuzzFeed Ideas. Halil Gurhanli on the unbearable burden of being an intellectual in today’s Turkey. White, right-wing terrorist busted and hardly a peep. Is the CFPB about to break the payday lending business model? Lydia DePillis investigates. How the East Wing trapped Michelle Obama: Reid Cherlin goes inside the unhappiest White House office. McKenzie Wark on Andrey Platonov’s Antisexus and the sex-gender industrial complex. Christopher Ingraham on the Wonkblog guide to efficient drinking. Charles Koch explains why he is so crazy. The new normal: The bumpy, somewhat ironic, not necessarily genuine road toward normcore fashion, or how hipster narcissism managed to take an ugly turn. Opting out: A series on people who opt out of society on some level — homesteaders, back-to-the-landers, anti-government survivalists. Erik Loomis on McCutcheon: “The problem today is that progressives believe the ballot box is where change is made, when in fact it is where change is consolidated”. Jamelle Bouie on how Republicans rationalize voter suppression: The GOP’s claims of defending “voter integrity,” “fairness,” and “uniformity” are complete nonsense. The other Final Four: As the Final Four begins in Texas, the NCAA is facing four major lawsuits that could change college sports in major ways.

Christopher Marsden (Sussex): Law and Technology. Adam Candeub (Michigan State): Behavioral Economics, Internet Search, and Antitrust. Scott Shackelford and Jamie Darin Prenkert (Indiana) and Timothy L. Fort (George Washington): How Businesses Can Promote Cyber Peace. What happens when Amazon and Google start a price war over the future of the Internet? From the new, why the government should provide internet access: Ezra Klein interviews Susan Crawford, former Special Assistant to President Obama on science, technology, and innovation policy, on how the internet is too important to be left to the private market. In Silicon Valley there really is a class war going on, a wage-fixing cartel that’s pitting the one percent against everyone else. Yiren Lu on Silicon Valley’s youth problem: In start-up land, the young barely talk to the old (and vice versa); that makes for a lot of cool apps — but great technology? Selena Larson on Yahoo, destroyer of startups: Yahoo is shutting down innovative apps and services right and left as it snaps up startups — to no clear purpose. From New York, is this a tech bubble or not? Kevin Roose wants to know; a look at the failure fetish in Silicon Valley; and what’s become of the tech scene? Heart of blandness: Ken Layne on a walking tour of Silicon Valley. Mark Oppenheimer on how technology is not driving us apart after all. Tim Wu on why making technology easier to use isn't always good. From, John Brockman interviews Kevin Kelly on the Technium. The social in the machine: Barbara Hahn on how historians of technology look beyond the object.