Brendon M. H. Larson (Waterloo): Seeking Citizenship: The Norway Maple in Canada. Alexander Moens and Alex Bartos (Fraser Institute): Canada's Catch-22: The State of Canada-US Relations in 2014. From ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, a special issue on sexual landscapes, lives and livelihoods in Canada. Jordan Michael Smith on Michael Ignatieff, the intellectual who wanted to be a politician. Peter Clarke reviews Fire and Ashes: Success and Failure in Politics by Michael Ignatieff. Martha Cote on how solitary confinement is a legal form of torture in Canada. Is Canada tarring itself? Jacques Leslie on how oil development is changing the country’s political life. Charles Blattberg on Canadian identity and language. Cultural Nationalism 3.0: John Degen, the head of The Writers’ Union of Canada, continues the debate on CanLit in the schools (and in our lives). The PQ has been humiliated: In a bid to gain a majority government, and bolstered by the seeming popularity of a secular charter in rural Quebec, Pauline Marois gambled on an election and lost. Andrew Coyne on an all-purpose apology for Canadian pols to use as a template when the inevitable comeuppance arrives. Paul Cohen on the Passion of Rob Ford, or the neoliberal making of Toronto’s municipal crisis. What happened to Canada? Marianne Lenabat wonders. Navneet Alang on the deep weird of politics: It’s Ford all the way down. Freeloaders on the land: American-style anti-government eccentrics take root in Canada. Richard Johnston on how Canada is polarizing — and it’s because of the parties. Annoyed Librarian on Canadians fighting stereotypes. How did Canada's middle class get so rich?

Ioanna Tourkochoriti (Harvard): Should Hate Speech Be Protected? Group Defamation, Party Bans, Holocaust Denial and the Divide between (France) Europe and the United States. Sara Rankin (Seattle): A Homeless Bill of Rights (Revolution). Sam Hanna on Orwellian surveillance of vehicular travels. Sandra Y.L. Korn on the doctrine of academic freedom: Let’s give up on academic freedom in favor of justice (and a response). Don't assume that the Rwandan genocide couldn't happen today, say Sara J. Bloomfield and Michael Abramowitz. The Koch brothers are obscuring the real enemy: From Wall Street excess to DC lobbying scandals, we must remember it's institutions — not people — that are evil. You can't fully know Wall Street until you behold it in its purest distillation — this is the gift of Morning Money. A burst of unexplained radio signals detected at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico was recently confirmed as coming from outside our galaxy. Christine Thompson on the militia rushing to Cliven Bundy’s defense. Garry Wills on Obamacare: The hate can’t be cured. From The Awl, John Herrman writes in defense of explaining things: “An all-explainer news diet is a curiosity-killing nightmare. Every story must be debunked before you even know what it's about!” Susannah Locke on how you probably have herpes and don't know it. New records show the IRS targeted progressive groups more extensively than tea party groups. Is the rising Democratic majority doomed? Jonathan Chait investigates. How to sum up the argument of and the reaction to Thomas Piketty? Brad DeLong investigates. Alex Abad-Santos on a beginner's guide to everyone's favorite new insult, “basic”.

Stuart Chinn (Oregon): The Ideology Behind Brown v. Board of Education: Political Parties and “Jurisprudential Bundling”. Jeffrey Bellin (William and Mary): The Inverse Relationship between the Constitutionality and Effectiveness of New York City “Stop and Frisk”. Jennifer Urban (Mississippi): The Legalities of Racial Profiling for Aviation Security. Gilda Daniels (Baltimore): Unfinished Business: Protecting Voting Rights in the Twenty-First Century. Samuel R. Bagenstos (Michigan): Universalism and Civil Rights (With Notes on Voting Rights after Shelby). Samuel R. Bagenstos (Michigan): On Class-Not-Race. John V. Wintermute (Seton Hall): Remedying Race-Based Decision-Making: Reclaiming the Remedial Focus of Affirmative Action after Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. Brian T. Fitzpatrick (Vanderbilt): Is the Future of Affirmative Action Race Neutral? The Supreme Court deals a blow to affirmative action — here's what it means (and more and more and more and more). Jamelle Bouie on proof the Supreme Court doesn't understand racism at all (and more). Richard Sande reviews For Discrimination: Race, Affirmative Action, and the Law by Randall Kennedy (and more). The first chapter from After Civil Rights: Racial Realism in the New American Workplace by John D. Skrentny. Patricia A. Matthew on teaching while black: If race is a construct, gender is a construct, and teaching is a performative act, where and how do I exist in the classroom as a real black woman? The war on black intellectuals: Brittney Cooper on what (mostly) white men keep getting wrong about public scholarship. Tommy J. Curry on the black bourgeois and the death of (black) study in the analysis of the black public intellectual.