From Diametros, a special issue on Kant’s Moral Philosophy and Contemporary Practical Ethics. Enzo Rossi (Amsterdam) and Matthew Sleat (Sheffield): Realism in Normative Political Theory. David Sidorsky (Columbia): Monistic Ideals, Plural Values, and the Limits of Philosophy. Robert Jubb (Leicester) and Enzo Rossi (Amsterdam): Political Norms and Moral Values and Why Moralists Should Be Afraid of Political Values: A Rejoinder. Md. Munir Hossain Talukder (Jahangirnagar): In Defence of Geo-Cultural Identity: An Argument Against Kymlicka's View of Multiculturalism and Minority Rights. Emanuela Ceva (Pavia): Toleration, Respect, and the Cultural Defense. Justin Bruner (UC-Irvine): Diversity, Tolerance and the Social Contract. Fabian Schuppert (QUB): Towards a Republican Understanding of Equality: Non-Domination, Non-Alienation and Social Equality. Adam McLaughlin (Ottawa): Non-domination as Positive Liberty: A Taylorian Assessment of Pettit's Freedom as Non-domination. Alan M. S. J. Coffee (King's College): Two Spheres of Domination: Republican Theory, Social Norms and the Insufficiency of Negative Freedom. Kyla Ebels-Duggan (Northwestern): Moral Education in the Liberal State. Petra Gumplova (Giessen): Morality as a Political Problem. Anne Schwenkenbecher (Murdoch): Joint Duties and Global Moral Obligations. William A. Edmundson (Georgia State): Ought We to Do What We Ought to be Made to Do? G.A. Cohen on the Political and the Personal. Donald J. Kochan (Chapman): The Mask of Virtue: Theories of Aretaic Legislation in a Public Choice Perspective. Gopal Guru on two conceptions of morality: A political reading.

Aziz Rana (Cornell): Constitutionalism and the Foundations of the Security State. Yaniv Heled (Georgia State): On Patenting Human Organisms or How the Abortion Wars Feed into the Ownership Fallacy. Martin Bartenberger (Vienna): John Dewey and David Graeber: Elements of Radical Democracy in Pragmatist and Anarchist Thinking. Hershey H. Friedman (Brooklyn) and Linda Weiser Friedman (Baruch): Why Spirituality Belongs in the Business Curriculum. Snezana Zhana Vrangalova (NYU): Who Benefits from Casual Sex? The Moderating Role of Sociosexuality. From Lawyers, Guns and Money, Erik Loomis on a completely legal act; and rarely has a more vacuous and useless question been asked with greater frequency. David DesRosiers reviews Marriage and Civilization: How Monogamy Made Us Human by William Tucker. Helen Croydon on a serious argument for ditching monogamy: The current model of lifelong, cohabiting monogamous partnership has never been such an outdated ideal. Felix Salmon on the Piketty pessimist. Jonathan Chait on Chris Hayes, the Keystone pipeline, and environmental activism. In 2008, Elizabeth Warren thought she was done with Washington — then she got a call from Harry Reid: An excerpt from A Fighting Chance. Why do racist words bring more accountability than racist practices? The introduction to Getting Incentives Right: Improving Torts, Contracts, and Restitution by Robert D. Cooter and Ariel Porat. From Noah to Moses, why the renewed interest in Bible films?

John C. Coates and Suraj Srinivasan (Harvard): SOX after Ten Years: A Multidisciplinary Review. Malcolm S. Salter (HBS): Annals of Crony Capitalism: Revisiting the AIG Bailout. Robert W. McGee (Fayetteville State): Bailouts, Opportunity Cost and Utilitarian Ethics: A Law and Economics Analysis. Shann Turnbull (IISG) and Michael Pirson (Fordham): Minimizing a “Key Cause” of the 2008 Financial Crisis: Governance Failure. L. Randall Wray (Missouri): Central Bank Independence: Myth and Misunderstanding. Alexander Gill (NCSU): Ben Bernanke: Theory and Practice. Justin Fox on what Alan Greenspan has learned since 2008; and on how economics PhDs took over the Federal Reserve. Tom Streithorst on a brief glossary of financial cataclysm. Financialization depends on a standardized product — what happens when it’s applied to people? The toughest cop on Wall Street you've never heard of: David Dayen on how Benjamin Lawsky's making big banks pay. How mega-banks destroyed America: Josh Eidelson interviews former Goldman Sachs managing director Nomi Prins, author of All the Presidents’ Bankers: The Hidden Alliances That Drive American Power. Simon Johnson on the end of our financial illusions. Andre Douglas Pond Cummings reviews Lawless Capitalism: The Subprime Crisis and the Case for an Economic Rule of Law by Steven Ramirez. If our food system was regulated the same way our financial system is we would have food poisoning all the time. John Authers reviews Money Mania: Booms, Panics and Busts from Ancient Greece to the Great Meltdown by Bob Swarup. Isaac Chotiner interviews Michael Lewis, author of Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt: “I feel such despair at how the government responded to the financial crisis”. Is a banking ban the answer? Paul Krugman wonders.