Shane R. Reeves (USMA): To Russia with Love: How Moral Arguments for a Humanitarian Intervention in Syria Opened the Door for an Invasion of the Ukraine. From NYRB, Tim Judah on Ukraine: The Phony War? (and more); and Anatol Lieven on Ukraine: The only way to peace. If the West really wants to save Ukraine, it has to stop thinking in terms of "beating" Russia. Leading Ukrainian and Russian writers clash over Crimea. Kimberly Marten on Ukraine and the problem of local warlords. Lenin v. Stalin in Kiev: Slavoj Zizek on barbarism with a human face, and on what Europe can learn from Ukraine. Timothy Snyder on Europe and Ukraine, past and future: The history of Ukraine has revealed the turning points in the history of Europe — on 25 May both Ukrainians and EU citizens can decide which way things will turn this time. Come May 26, Ukraine could be in an even worse position than it is now. What would make Southeast Ukrainians take up arms? It's personal more than political. “What is happening in Ukraine is dangerous for Russia”: Ukrainian opposition leader Vitali Klitschko on what his country really needs from the West and why Putin's politics just don't make sense. Is Vladimir Putin a rational actor? John Cassidy wonders. Steven Mufson on why the sanctions against Russia probably won’t work. The International Monetary Fund estimates that Russia’s economy has already entered recession. Russia after Putin doesn't need to be Putinist, and driving a wedge between the craven president and his inner circle is the first step. President Obama’s response to the Ukraine crisis, while derided by critics as slow and weak, has reinvigorated a 15-year global hunt for the Russian leader’s hidden wealth.

Jon D. Carlson, Christopher Hubach, Joseph Long, Kellen Minteer, and Shane Young (UC-Merced): Scramble for the Arctic: Layered Sovereignty, UNCLOS, and Competing Maritime Territorial Claims. Susan Deacy (Roehampton): Ancient Greek Sexual Violence in Evolutionary Perspective, Or Why Does Zeus Rape? An Evolutionary Psychological Perspective. Michael McLeay, Amar Radia, and Ryland Thomas (Bank of England): Money in the Modern Economy: An Introduction; and Money Creation in the Modern Economy. Tamara Alvarez Fernandez (New School): Anti-Material: The Power of the Occult and the Spirit of Prostitution. Andrew Hanson (Marquette) and Zackary Hawley (TCU): The $10.10 Minimum Wage Proposal: An Evaluation Across States. Big government spending verging on quasi-socialism: Jonathan Earle on how the Cliven Bundy saga exposes America's most enduring myth. Has a tech entrepreneur come up with a product to replace our meals? Lizzie Widdicombe on the end of food. Emily Letts filmed her abortion to show other people it doesn’t have to be scary. In what is quickly becoming a weekly ritual, religious fundamentalists are super-duper angry at Neil deGrasse Tyson. David Weigel on how is not what's wrong with Meet the Press. The small island territory of New Caledonia just created the world’s largest protected marine park, three times the size of Germany. Ron Fournier attacks Paul Krugman, embarasses self. Had enough Benghazi? Too bad!

From The Washington Monthly, Phillip Longman on the Texas Miracle that isn’t: Conservatives say the Lone Star state’s recent record of growth validates their economic agenda — that record crumbles upon inspection. Rick Santorum rebrands himself as working class populist, promptly announces opposition to minimum wage hike. Danny Vinik on the real reason conservatives oppose renewing unemployment insurance. Republicans’ unemployment chutzpah: First, Boehner and co. blocked unemployment insurance from being extended — now they're oh-so sad about its results. Republicans aren’t really a blue-collar party: GOP voters have always been a mix of different income levels and social classes. The gender wage gap is ugly — so is the dishonest Right-wing effort to deny it. Brain Beutler on what Buzzfeed doesn't tell us about Paul Ryan (Hint: A lot). Sean McElwee on six studies that show everything Republicans believe is wrong. Turns out the Right is evil: You knew it was true — now research proves it. Yeah, I wrote the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy memo: Chris Lehane stands by every word of it — and it’s even worse today. The NRA won, and conservatives aren't sure what to do with it next. Viva the Tea Party Revolucion: Reihan Salam on how the movement can save itself and become a powerful force for good. Matea Gold on how Tea party PACs reap money for midterms, but spend little on candidates. Hipsters, they’re just like us: Thomas Frank on “normcore,” Sarah Palin, and the GOP’s big red state lie — new trend makes fools of taste makers, and unmasks GOP's phony NASCAR populism ploy. John Quiggin on Right wing tribalists: A lost cause. If cheese denial is how you demonstrate you're part of the tribe, then anyone who denies cheese is a hero. A look at 15 actors you might not have known were Republicans.