Janell L. Blazovich (St. Thomas), Kirsten A. Cook (Texas Tech), and Murphy Smith (Murray State): Do Ethical Firms Bridge the Gender Gap in CEO Compensation? Yinlong Zhang (UTSA), Lawrence Feick (Pittsburgh), and Vikas Mittal (Rice): How Males and Females Differ in Their Likelihood of Transmitting Negative Word of Mouth. Marcus Dittrich (CUT): Gender Differences in Strategic Reasoning. Catherine Ruth Pakaluk and Joseph Burke (Ave Maria): The New Battle of the Sexes: A 2 X 2 Model of Female Alienation. Rena Bivens (Carleton): The Gender Binary Will Not Be Deprogrammed: Facebook's Antagonistic Relationship to Gender. Aya Gruber (Colorado): Neofeminism. Zachary A. Kramer (ASU): The New Sex Discrimination. Henriette Prast (Tilburg), Mariacristina Rossi (Turin), Costanza Torricelli (UNIMORE), and Cristina Druta (Maastricht): Do Women Prefer Pink? The Effect of a Gender Stereotypical Stock Portfolio on Investing Decisions. Marcia Angell reviews The XX Factor: How the Rise of Working Women Has Created a Far Less Equal World by Alison Wolf. Gender and neoliberalism: Christina Scharff on exploring the exclusions and contours of neoliberal subjectivities. Sex, culture and justice: Clare Chambers interviewed by Richard Marshall. The confidence gap: Evidence shows that women are less self-assured than men — and that to succeed, confidence matters as much as competence; Katty Kay and Claire Shipman on why and what to do about it. Allison Kopicki on women and the “I don’t know” problem. Charts of the day, female risk-aversion edition. Girls’ ascendance in academic settings may portend a shift in the relative pay of men and women — but a change in social norms is needed, too.

Torleif Halkjelsvik and Jostein Rise (SIFA): Social Dominance Orientation, Right-Wing Authoritarianism, and Willingness to Help Addicted Individuals: The Role of Responsibility Judgments. Jessica A. Clarke (Minnesota): Identity and Form. Jacquelien van Stekelenburg (VU): Going All the Way: Politicizing, Polarizing, and Radicalizing Identity Offline and Online. From International Studies Quarterly, a symposium on the "Third Debate" 25 years later. Vladimir Putin has been outplayed by Barack Obama. Fred Sanders on what you can learn from Calvin and Hobbes about the message and the medium. Nicholas White on how selfies changed how and what we share. Rejection and difference: E. Colin Ruggero on “centrists” and “children” and “bros” and “highschool brats”. Emily Badger on how Millennials are undercutting their own influence on social policy: They have very different views from their parents on marijuana, gay marriage and immigration — but they're consistently underrepresented on Election Day. “There is so much shame”: Emily Letts on why she filmed her abortion — and what happened next. Jonathan Chait on Obama’s moment of environmental decision: “The mysterious workings of the mind of Anthony Kennedy have perplexed a generation of legal scholars. In this case, the outcome may literally determine the fate of the world”. Craziest political debate in U.S. history just got a highlight reel. Arctic sovereignty, a short history: Ty McCormick on how a frigid no man's land became one of the most hotly contested territories on Earth. You can download the Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire, ed. Gabor Agoston and Bruce Masters.

From National Affairs, Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner on a conservative vision of government; Henry Olsen on conservatism for the people; and Jonathan Bronitsky on the Brooklyn Burkeans. From Twentieth Century Communism, Jean-Francois Fayet on writing the history of anti-communism; and a century of anti-communisms: A roundtable discussion. Jesse Norman on Michael Oakeshott, conservative thinker who went beyond politics. Democracy’s Sphinx: Andreas Hess reviews Tocqueville: The Aristocratic Sources of Liberty by Lucien Jaume. Anne Norton reviews Leo Strauss and Anglo-American Democracy: A Conservative Critique by Grawnt N. Havers. From Public Seminar, Jeremy Varon on the New and Next Left: A reply to Eli Zaretsky (and “What’s Left”, a response by Zaretsky); and more on how capitalism will end. Autobiography of Red: An excerpt from Utopia or Bust: A Guide to the Present Crisis by Benjamin Kunkel. Wilfred M. McClay on the voice of Michael Oakeshott in the conversation of conservatism. For the common good: Stefan Collini reviews The Life of R. H. Tawney: Socialism and History by Lawrence Goldman and Richard Hoggart: Virtue and Reward by Fred Inglis. Robert Zaretsky reviews Edmund Burke: The First Conservative by Jesse Norman (and more). Tim Barker reviews Markets in the Name of Socialism: The Left-Wing Origins of Neoliberalism by Johanna Bockman and Masters of the Universe: Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics by Daniel Stedman Jones. Daniel McCarthy reviews Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America: A Critical Appraisal by Paul Edward Gottfried. Michael Ignatieff on sovereignty and the crisis of democratic politics: A healthy future for democratic politics depends on reviving sovereignty, regaining the sense that we’re masters in our own house.